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Save lifes

Rubén Campo
CEO Lifeguard Project

How is a defibrillator used?

Rubén Campo explains in Más Vale Tarde how a defibrillator is used. It is very simple, first we should call the 112, then we will perform the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR, following the indications that the defibrillator will indicate us.



Defibrillator offer


In addition to providing comprehensive training on how to use an AED, Lifeguard Project partners with leading manufacturers to help you get the devices you need to keep your workplaces, schools and facilities safe. 

Lifeguard Project helps you launch a complete DESA DEA program at your facility to save your life, with: 
  1. Free DEA product demonstrations 
  2. Access to audit, with the analysis of needs on site, placement and implementation of the program.
  3. DESA purchase, rental or renting options, which include different DEA brands and various models.
  4. Free recycling training, subsidized by FUNDAE
  5. Maintenance service of your installation 
  6. Software for the integral management of all your DEA DESA.
  7. Advice by health personnel.

Get a DESA DEA defibrillator

Ask about the promotional package through our chat or contact form. Contact us and take advantage of special offers and pricing opportunities from brands like Phillips, Physio-Control and Zoll. You can also call us 900 670 112 Monday through Friday from 9: 00 am to 6: 00 pm.

The Lifeguard Project is the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain,
with more than 17.000 external defibrillators installed in companies and entities.

External defibrillators
ways to acquire an external automatic defibrillator

We have several modalities to acquire an external automatic defibrillator, from the free option by selling solidarity bracelets or vending by automatic defibrillators, if instead you want an external defibrillator for an event or season, then the best option is the rental, in the case of cardioproteger a public or private space during all the time, the best modality is the renting of external defibrillators with maintenance and training included, all integrated in a comfortable quota that includes the change and replacements of the DEA. 

Sale of external defibrillators
Buy an automatic defibrillator with all the guarantees

If you want to buy a portable defibrillator with all the guarantees, choose the option of direct sale of automatic defibrillators, we recommend reading the technical specifications of the device and looking at the duration or useful life of the battery, a feature to take into account Time to decide which defibrillator to buy.

Vicente del Bosque
with the Lifeguard Project

Sudden death 
It is something that affects us all.
The installation of defibrillators
external ways to fight against
the sudden death.



Management of Cardioprotected Spaces
Defibrillator installation and maintenance services

Cardioprotection service for public and private spaces, comprehensive service with the maintenance of the defibrillator with training for its use included.  

This comprehensive management service for the cardioprotection of spaces includes the defibrillator, the installation of the showcase with a connection to 112 and the signage. Maintenance of defibrillators with spare parts included, civil insurance, CCAA regulations and training on BLS / use of the defibrillator for the entire human team of the company or entity. 

Defibrillators for Municipalities
Defibrillators for sports areas
Defibrillators for educational centers
Defibrillators for shopping centers
Defibrillators for public transport
Defibrillators for companies / buildings
Defibrillators for neighborhood communities
Defibrillators for hotels
Defibrillators for beaches


All Devices Included

Includes the complete defibrillator, the showcase, signage, civil insurance, administrative procedures, maintenance and training.

Approved Installation + Signage

Certified approved installation that includes the signage for the location of the defibrillator and the cardioprotected space certification.

Integral Maintenance Defibrillator

Control consumable expiration, change of patches and battery, post-use procedures, courtesy equipment for repair, software updates.

Phone 900 670 112

We will be happy to answer all your questions about external defibrillators
and cardioprotection of spaces.

in Spain every year they die
Per people for respiratory cardio stop

Cardiorespiratory arrest

The 1st cause of death in developed countries is cardiorespiratory accidents, including sudden death.

Use of the defibrillator

Although it is ideal to have knowledge of the functioning of a defibrillator, it does not matter if we do not know how to use it.

Cardio protect Salva Lives

With a defibrillator close the essential thing is to act quickly, in case of cardiopulmonary arrest every minute counts.

Training for the use of external defibrillators
Classroom Courses & Open Classroom

Courses for the use of automatic external defibrillators (DEA / DESA) and basic life support, courses rewarded up to 100% by the Tripartite Foundation. Approved training in all autonomous communities and required for the use of a defibrillator in practically all of them. Courses with practical training to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Latest NEWS about Cardioprotection
news and external defibrillators

Our intention with this news section is to provide a space for information and news about cardioprotection, news publications and our work activity, events or events about external defibrillators and cardioprotected spaces, our news section of the Lifeguard Project contains content related to defibrillation devices, CPR technologies, innovations and first aid related to defibrillation.

Latest entries in our BLOG
stories with heart

Our intention with this blog is to provide a space for dissemination, where to reflect and share opinions, the Lifeguard Project blog contains content related to cardioprotection, publication of articles with information of interest and value on cardioprotected spaces, devices, technologies, innovations and first aid related to defibrillation.

Our delegations in Spain
Commercial offices, facilities, technical service, maintenance and training

Our delegations and central offices of the Lifeguard Project, delegations in all autonomous communities, we have consultancy for the cardioprotection of areas, commercial advisers in your locality, defibrillator technicians and academies with certified SVB and DEA trainers in all autonomous communities.