Scheduled activities work tables were organized by themes

Practical demonstrations of the brands participating in the CIPE'19

II International Congress on Prevention & Emergencies | APTB

The Professional Association of Firemen Technicians, the Diputación de Málaga and the Mapfre Foundation organize the International Conference on Prevention and Emergencies.

This congress was held on the 13, 14 and 15 days of March of 2019, at the Edgar Neville Auditorium of the Diputación de Málaga located on the 54 Pacific Street, Málaga CP.29004

An event on prevention of risks and emergencies to which the different bodies of firefighters have to face in their work activity. This international congress brings together firefighters from all over the planet, fire departments from Ecuador, Italy, Portugal and firefighters from the different autonomous communities of Spain.

This congress is a practical and theoretical event with presentations on the different risk situations and techniques to prevent or perform them safely. From simulations of the evacuation of people in a home in flames with smoke, through intervention exhibitions or rescue in emergency situations, to which the firefighters have to face.


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Among the programmed activities, work tables were organized by themes


Table of natural catastrophes

Moderator: Carlos García Touriñán.
Vice President of APTB and Director of the Citizen Security Service of the City Council of A Coruña. Spain

The Eruption of the volcano of fire, the tragedy that marked Guatemala.
Lic. M. Tulio Spain. General Manager ASONBOMD (National Association of Municipal Departmental Firemen of Guatemala). Guatemala. 

Floods of Malaga. October 2018 José Manuel Borrego del Valle and Álvaro Bautista Lázaro.
Officers of the Provincial Fire Brigade of Málaga, Spain.

International cooperation in major catastrophes from the point of view of France. 
Laurent Alfonso. International Relations Coordinator, DGSCGC / MREI. France


Practical demonstrations of the brands participating in the CIPE'19

Environment Table

2018 - The Tragedy of Greek Wild forest fires
Anastassios Pappas. Hellenic Association of Fire Service Officers (EAPS). Greece

The Federation of Volunteer Firefighters of Cordoba in the Management of IIFF.
Lic. Germán Ternavasio. President of the Volunteer Firefighters Federation of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina

Seseña tire fire. From Intervention to Management
Pedro A. Ruiz Escobar. Official-Technical Director. Provincial Consortium of Fire Extinguishing and Salvage of Toledo. Spain


Practical exercise and workshops: Aquatic rescue

Aquatic rescue: Simulation of rescue of two drowning victims with lifeguards and with two boats of the Provincial Fire Brigade of Málaga and Red Cross
Practical workshops in charge of the Blue Flag on rescue techniques with swimming and with boat


Table Special actions

Moderator: Francisco Delgado Bonilla. President of the Malaga Provincial Fire Consortium. Spain

Rescue in Totalán. The intervention of the firemen.
Julián Moreno Ruiz. Fire Chief of the Provincial Consortium of Malaga. Spain

Fire safety and emergency management in underground metropolitan railways.
Aurelio Rojo Garrido, President Association of Fire Protection Engineering Professionals (Apici). Spain

Rescue in the mountains and intervention of the floods of the Levante de Mallorca.
Pedro Ladaria, Chief Fire Officer of the Consell de Mallorca. Spain


Table Daily scenes

Moderator: Dr. Fernando Prados Roa, Deputy Regional Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid. Spain

Rescue and medical intervention.
Cristina Carriedo Scher. Medical Director. Management of Emergencies, Emergencies and Sanitary Transport. Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha. Spain

Goal Zero Victims in fires and road safety.
Jesus Monclús González. Director of the Road Safety and Prevention Area of ​​Fundación MAPFRE. Spain

Solutions for forest fires protection.
Laurent Nassiet. Iturri Offer Manager. Spain


Practical demonstrations of the brands participating in the CIPE'19

Mesa Urban catastrophes
Moderator: Eugenio Amores Fresno. Training Inspector, Firemen of the Madrid City Council. Spain

Fire of Grenfell. News of the Official Research.
Antonio Galán Penalva. Fire safety consultant specialized in reaction to fire. Spain

The collapse of the Morandi's Bridge in Genoa.
Luciano Roncalli Fire Officer, Italian Fire Brigade. Bergamo, Italy

Emergencies in the heritage of humanity
Colonel E. Arroyo Jurado. General Commander of the Fire Department of the Metropolitan District of Quito. Ecuador


Practical exercise and workshops: BREC

Search and rescue in collapsed structures (BREC): Simulation of search and rescue of person trapped under rubble by the Canine Unit of the Málaga Fire Consortium

Practical workshop of shoring (FEMA System): Workshop applied to rescue in collapsed structures by APTB


Training and Prevention Table

Moderator: Antonio Roda Montes. Former head of the Provincial Fire Brigade of Málaga. Spain

Integration of the PRL in fire extinguishing services.
Luis Damian Ramos Pereira. Head of prevention, fire fighting and rescue services. City Hall of Salamanca. Spain


Aquatic rescue, a centenary action

Luis Cortez Bosch. National Commander of the Volunteer Body of the Lifeboats. Valparaíso, Chile

EPI and ERA of last generation
Marisa López Hinojo. Marketing Manager Dräger Hispania. Spain


Organization and teams table

Fire Organization in Portugal
Susana Pereira da Silva. Director of the National Fire School. Portugal

2019, a year of challenges for the European Fire Services
Dieter Nuessler. Vice President of EENA, Former President and Honorary Member of the FEU. Germany


Planning future locations of 8 network parks of the CBCM

Alfonso Segura González. Head of extinction and rescue service, Fire Department of the Community of Madrid. Spain


Tweets published during the congress
Tables and presentations on emergencies

The website of the International Congress Prevention & Emergencies APTB 

The website of the Professional Association of Firemen Technicians



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