Public cardioprotection contests

Installation of public defibrillators Spain

Public cardioprotection contest for Extremadura | DEA defibrillators

Province of Badajoz and Cáceres: In order to reach an emergency as soon as possible, more than 227 DEA semi-automatic external defibrillators have been installed in all municipalities and local entities.

Public cardioprotection contest for Castellón | DEA defibrillators

Province of Castellón: Nearly 200 external automatic defibrillators have been installed in 135 municipalities in the province of Castellón.

Public cardioprotection contest for Toledo | DEA defibrillators

Toledo Province: The comprehensive cardioprotection service has been integrated in the province, not only for the more than 162 defibrillators installed, but also for the maintenance of each of them. That they are in the best conditions is essential to ensure attention in case of cardiac arrest.

Public cardioprotection contest for Las Rozas, Madrid | DEA defibrillators

Las Rozas, Madrid: A Basic Life Support training and use of the defibrillator have been given, all this, to be able to act on the more than 25 defibrillators installed.

Public cardioprotection contest for Alcorcón, Madrid | DEA defibrillators

Alcorcón, Madrid: Public bodies such as sports centers, town halls, local police, firefighters, etc. All of them, thanks to the lifeguard bracelets initiative, have achieved training in SVB and use of the DEA, in addition to the Zoll AED Plus defibrillators. In this way, Alcorcón became one of the first cities in Madrid, to obtain the Cardioprotected Space certificate.

Public cardioprotection contest in Vélez, Málaga | DEA defibrillators

Vélez-Málaga: It was the first municipality in Spain to insure municipal schools and nurseries. More than 42 automatic external defibrillators have been installed. Thanks to this project, many were aware of the importance of cardioprotecting schools.

Public contest for cardioprotection in Mérida | DEA defibrillators

Mérida: In places with great influx, it is vital to respond before the first 5 minutes, remember that these are called "golden minutes." That there is no assistance at the moment implies irreparable brain problems.

The municipality of Mérida, was aware of this situation and decided to install more than 17 defibrillators. In addition, police cars were also equipped with this equipment, with the aim of obtaining better response times.

Cardioprotection contest in Courts of Madrid | DEA defibrillators

Madrid Courts: As these are institutions that receive a large influx of people, according to regulations, the obligation to have defibrillators was established. For this reason, thanks to our value, we were responsible for installing more than 120 defibrillators. In addition to training staff to know how to act in case of an emergency.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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