5 steps to carry out the #PulserasSalvavidas campaign successfully

Get a cardioprotected space with life-saving bracelets

On many occasions getting sold lifebuoys can be a difficult task if the people around you do not know the importance of performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) maneuvers and that it is a defibrillator. Do not despair we will give you some advice!

Information about defibrillators and CPR in the population.

It is not surprising that many people in your environment still know the importance of learning CPR techniques and what exactly a DESA (semi-automatic external defibrillator) is or how it is used.

Perhaps the information you can find about defibrillators and cardiacpulmonary resuscitation in our Web page, Facebook and blog. This information will be very useful for your dissemination campaigns and thus obtain your defibrillator and CPR training.

Spread the life-saving bracelets campaign in 5 simple steps.

If you are a CPR activist like us and want to promote your Life Wristband campaign, we advise you to follow the example of IES Sierra Blanca of Marbella. See how they are doing it, perhaps it will serve as an example to get more people to know about your initiative.

1º Broadcasting on television: RTVMarbella 

2º Dissemination in the local newspaper, Diario Sur.

3º Dissemination in their RRSS Twitter, Instagram Facebook "Marbella complains" 30.000 followers

4º Dissemination in your Web,  IES http://bit.ly/2zdKitT   y http://bit.ly/2jXgBFA

5º Let us know ProjectSalvavidas via Facebook, twitter or email and our RRSS team will help you in the diffusion.

Finally, remember that the acquisition of a defibrillator and CPR training, a measure of self-protection not only for the center but also for the areas near the center, creating a cardioprotected zone in the neighborhood where the center is located during hours opening of the same.

Therefore, one advice we give is that you involve the local businesses to help you in spreading the campaign and selling the wristbands.


We hope these tips and #savage examples have been useful for you. If you are interested in knowing how to participate in the lifesaving bracelets campaign, let us know via Facebook, twitter, our websites www.salvavidas.eu or by calling the 911 25 05 00 for free

A hug!

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