Defibrillators in campsites and beaches, cardiac holidays

Cardioprotected campsite with defibrillators for outdoor

Defibrillators for camping cardioprotection of campers

Defibrillators for camping, cardioprotection of campsites, beaches, swimming pools and holiday accommodation, spaces with a DEA DESA defibrillator, cardiosecure campsites.

Defibrillator for camping | Defibrillators on beaches & mountains

Much has been said and continues to be done about rules, regulations and obligations regarding the incorporation of defibrillators and personnel with efficient training to practice CPR in tourist places. Among the main tourist accommodations are the campsites that in holiday times and especially in the summer period, tourism grows exponentially, while statistically multiplying the index of heart problems in adults, and respiratory problems in children, situations that can lead to cardiorespiratory arrest. Indoor and outdoor spaces in sea or mountain areas where accidents are very likely to happen, another cause that can end in sudden death, so it is essential to protect the facilities with AED / DESA defibrillators.

Defibrillators in campsites with swimming pools and sports areas are essential and required by regulations in each autonomous community, installing a defibrillator at the campsite is an added value for customers, visitors and workers of the campsite. 

Spain is ideal in terms of tourism, leisure, activities, gastronomy and the occasional excess ... due to our culture and the unique areas offered by our Mediterranean, Cantabrian and Atlantic coast, it is essential to cardioprotect with defibrillators those holiday areas with a large influx of people especially in summer times.

Cardioprotected spaces are increasingly established in Spain, defibrillators are installed both on beaches and in public and private pools, defibrillators against sudden death either due to changes in temperature, drowning, etc. The installation of defibrillators in private swimming pools is of vital importance, and being able to extend it to urbanizations, summer residential complexes, even hotels and areas of high concentration of people, the cardioprotected spaces with a DEA DESA defibrillator meet quality standards that provide more peace of mind making the client feel more secure.


Defibrillator for camping | Defibrillator for outdoor spaces 


It is not necessary to put aside and therefore it is not less important the tourist places of a quieter concept such as campsites and rural areas since it is a tourism on the rise and we must not forget its cardioprotection since in certain places, the distances and the intervention of emergency teams is more difficult and in most cases “time is worth life”.

As a professional of the extra hospital emergencies in many occasions I have found numerous critical situations in holiday and residential areas from type, from heart attacks, drownings, to water accidents in swimming pools and beaches where they catch a high point in high season, and in many occasions the defibrillator and a good education in resuscitation could have saved the life of more than one person.

It should be remembered that the time before a PCR is dependent, we must act as soon as possible and have access to a defibrillator in less than 5 minutes to reverse this situation.



Rental of defibrillators by seasons | beach defibrillator and campsites

The acquisition of defibrillator equipment is often a headache since most of the campsites their campaigns are temporary, gaining more importance in spring and summer. That is why sometimes the dilemma arises for the owners of campsites of what to do the rest of the season with these defibrillators without being able to use them and without control, expiration of patches and batteries are lost, with the cost that this implies.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we take these approaches very seriously, worrying about life and we have wanted to go further with the cardioprotection of campsites or holiday resorts, giving these places of tourist interest the possibility of having their spaces and facilities protected with defibrillators for rent by seasons, a defibrillator rental for days, months or weeks, from the opening to the closing of the campsites with newly installed defibrillators, cardioprotected campsites with minimal investment, without having to face the devaluation and expiration of electrode patches and defibrillator batteries.

In our Project Solidarity Lifeguard we have included campsites, camps and many more within our mode of acquisition of defibrillators without investment, if you are a small campsite or a resort in rural area and do not have the budget to buy a defibrillator, with the sale of our Life-saving Bracelets at zero cost now you can buy one, with the bracelets personalized by the firm Kukuxumusu, the campsite sells design bracelets at a symbolic price to customers and visitors, in beach bars, the supermarket, and the full amount is allocated to the purchase of a defibrillator, another part of the income from the sale of The Lifeguard bracelets goes for the training of camping workers and all the accessories necessary to comply with the cardioprotected zone standards.


Certificate of cardioprotected camping | Certified cardio beach certificate


Get the certificate of cardioprotected space for campsites, beaches, swimming pools and vacation homes, providing security and cardioprotection to all customers and employees.

To obtain the certificate and plate of Cardioprotected Space it is necessary:

  1. Have certified defibrillators with CE marking.
  2. They must have comprehensive maintenance of defibrillators.
  3. They must be located in approved display cabinets and official ILCOR posters.
  4. There must be people trained for its use. Course approved in SVB and DEA according to the regulations of each Autonomous Community.
  5. They must comply with the current regulations of each CCAA.


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