Defibrillator accessories | Material and devices for Cardioprotection

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are electro-medical devices that are frequently found in places or spaces outside the healthcare / hospital environment.

In medical centers and hospitals, not only are monitors / defibrillators with different characteristics available, but there is immediate access to medical equipment that complements and improves the performance of resuscitation CPR. That is why some Autonomous Communities of Spain, in order to ensure a more complete and agile performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, have in their Decrees the minimum amount of material that must accompany the DEA defibrillators in cardioprotected spaces.


Accessories for mandatory defibrillators according to the regulations of each Autonomous Community


In the Community of Aragon it is mandatory to have the following accessories that accompany the defibrillator:

2 sets of adult electrodes and pediatric 1 if the DEA defibrillator is in place with children.

1 Resuscitation case with oropharyngeal cannulas of different sizes, self-inflating resuscitative balloon, facial masks of various sizes, at least 1 mask with unidirectional valve.

Scissors, shaver and gauze.

Showcase to protect the AED properly (recommendation).


In the Principality of Asturias, the following accessories are mandatory:

DEA defibrillator with 2 sets of electrode patches.


In the Community of Cantabria is obliged to have:

2 sets of adult electrodes

1 set of pediatric electrodes or DEA with adaptation system for pediatric use (advisable)

1 Scissors for clothes, shavers and gauze


In the Community of Castilla La Mancha, it is obliged to have the following accessories:

2 sets of electrode patches for each defibrillator

1 Extra accessory battery

1 Barrier device (face mask)


In the Autonomous Community of Galicia is required to have the following accessories:

2 electrode sets

1 set of pediatric electrodes (advisable)

1 Resuscitation case: oropharyngeal cannulas of different sizes, self-inflatable resuscitator balloon

1 Scissors, shaver and gauze


In La Rioja, the following accessories for cardioprotection must be available:

2 electrode sets

Resuscitation kit: face mask, self-inflated resuscitation balloon, oxygen system, oropharyngeal cannulas (sizes 3, 4 and 5)


Accessories for defibrillators that reduce times and increase the chances of survival


All these materials and medical equipment allow to offer a treatment of higher quality before a cardiorespiratory arrest (PCR), some reduce the resuscitation time by facilitating the maneuver quickly and effectively, there are accessories such as Autopulse automated CPR, or medical stretchers, or drones for the transport of defibrillators to the place of accident or emergency, a long list of possible accessories, which although they are of great help in the face of sudden death are not at all basic in a space cardioprotected by regulation or decree:

The sets of extra electrode patches allow us to maintain the cardioprotection coverage throughout the period of time. As soon as the defibrillator is used, the Lifeguard Project sends out a replacement patch and collects the used one. If by chance two people undergo a CRP in the same facility in a short space of time, and there is only one set of electrodes, the second person will not benefit from the defibrillator and their resuscitation will have little chance of survival. Castilla La Mancha defends the same with regard to batteries. Similarly, if there are only adult electrodes and the victim is pediatric, the action is not fully adapted, so having pediatric electrode patches should be mandatory.

The oropharyngeal cannulas are an accessory that allows to keep the victim's airway open, and the self-inflated balloon allows quality ventilation, so these two accessories should also be considered basic in any cardioprotected space, since they increase the chances of not suffer sequelae on the part of the victim.

La Rioja includes oxygen therapy, which requires a specific basic training.

As we know, razors are necessary if the hair prevents the total adhesion of the electrodes to the bare chest of the victim, with the gauze we will dry the chest if it is wet or sweaty, and the scissors allow us to cut the clothes if necessary.

Cantabria indicates as an obligatory accessory the use of clothes-cutting scissors, more forceful and effective for this purpose.


Certification of cardioprotected space according to regulations on AED defibrillators

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