Throughout the year, many apparently healthy young people die suddenly. Can it be prevented in any way?

Sudden death (SD) is defined as that which occurs naturally, unexpectedly and in a short time from the onset of premonitory symptoms or collapse, in a person in apparent good health and who is generally performing his activities usual at the time of the fatal event.

The time considered for the definition of MS is variable: from instantaneous to 24h, passing through that of 1h and that of 6h, which are the most frequently used (1-2).

Sudden death in children and young people:

In children and young people, MS is due to a wide variety of causes, without any reaching a clear statistical predominance (1-3). The last mechanism of the Sudden death is usually a cardiac arrhythmia, usually a ventricular fibrillation or a ventricular tachycardia that evolves towards ventricular fibrillation (4)

The treatment to reverse this cardiac arrhythmia is an electric shock (shock or electric shock) by using the defibrillator

Although sudden death in children and young people is rare, it can occur. Therefore have a defibrillator in schools and personnel trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques and the use of the defibrillator SALVA VIDAS !!. Recently the municipality of Velez Málaga has taken measures in this regard by installing defibrillators in schools:

On the occasion of the International Heart Day from Proyecto Salvavidas we have drawnun semiautomatic defibrillator to install it in the institution that the winner chooses.

Noelia our winner:

The winner of the semiautomatic defibrillator was Noelia, who came to pick up the defibrillator this week. As soon as we asked Noelia where she wanted to donate the defibrillator, she did not doubt it for a second, she told me at my daughter's school !!!

Noelia on the left, our partner Maria on the right.

Thanks to Noelia a school in Madrid will be Cardioprotected in the coming weeks with a defibrillator and its teachers trained to use it! Thank you very much for following us and disseminating our Lifesaving Project that aims to achieve public access to defibrillation and develop measures for cardioprotection that contribute to reducing cardiovascular diseases and deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Happy weekend Lifeguard!

A big hug,

Matías Soria Mountain.

Training Department



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