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Boat defibrillator with AED training and maintenance

Defibrillators for pleasure boats, sports, fishing, ferries and maritime transport boats in general, we are a company specialized in cardio protecting boats of all types and sizes.

Installing defibrillators on board vessels such as offshore fishing boats, a sports boat, a yacht or a sailboat is absolutely necessary to guarantee a higher survival rate for the seafaring crew and a better quality of life on board.

Cardio protecting all types of vessels with an AED defibrillator will save the life of any crew member in the event of sudden cardiac arrest on the high seas.

More than ever, Having a semi-automatic external defibrillator in these situations of cardiac arrest at sea becomes so important, since the chances of a medical assistance team arriving on time in the middle of the ocean are impossible.

In addition, an important factor that occurs in this type of boat and that can increase the chances of suffering a sudden death, are the high temperatures in the summer season. Continuous exposure to the sun and high temperatures causes blood pressure to rise due to heat and heat stroke, which can lead to cardiac arrest.


Is it essential to have a defibrillator on board?


We remember that it is necessary to act in the first 5 minutes before a sudden cardiac arrest, the maximum time to apply defibrillation to a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

This time of 5 minutes is insufficient for the emergency services to arrive in situations at sea, so the action of the people present on the ship is vital for the survival of the victim.

It is because of that having an external defibrillator and the correct basic life support training for the crew on board, and applying optimal cardiopulmonary resuscitation, increases the chances of survival by 90%.


Defibrillator for sailboats and sports boats


Ferries, cruise ships and cargo ships also enter these types of vessels. These boats are still a daily mass transport of people, such as an airplane.


Defibrillator installation company on ferries and passenger ships


This high influx of people of all ages adds an even greater chance of someone's risk of cardiac arrest. Installing automatic defibrillators (AEDs) on boats, turning ferries into cardioprotected spaces, provides security for all employees and passengers on board. 

It is also important that passengers can find the signs that they are in a cardioprotected area, and in the event of any symptoms, they can contact the crew to request assistance. Thus, it is just as important that the crew receive training, thus giving them official accreditation to use AEDs.

At Proyecto Salvavidas we also want to remember that having a defibrillator on board is not enough. It is in this sector where, without a doubt, maintenance and review of all equipment is required periodically, to ensure its correct operation.


Maintenance of defibrillators on board ships, ferries and cargo ships


Most of the time, due to long times without approaching the shores, these defibrillators go a long time without checking the expiration dates of their patches and battery status.


Defibrillators for ferry and cruise ships


Our defibrillator maintenance plan is the main solution for the management of Cardioprotection Programs in Spain, it allows you to comply with all the regulations on defibrillators with adequate support and prepared to perform a precise discharge at any time.


The importance of having an AED defibrillator offshore

A clear example of the importance of having these equipment in correct condition on all vessels, is the news that occurred on August 19 where fortunately 5 doctors saved the life of a crew member, despite the lack of relief material. 

After saving his life, they alleviated the failure in the ship's medical safety protocol due to the absence of aid material, after the 55-year-old sailor had suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest around 6.30 in the morning, when the ship was half an hour from arrival at the port of the city of Barcelona.

The anomaly came when the doctors who began to carry out cardiac resuscitation asked the companions of the fainted crew member to bring the defibrillator and the medical equipment they had available.

After looking for it, they only managed to bring the box of the device that was empty. One of the doctors offered to accompany another sailor to look for the defibrillator and found it but it was dead and unusable.

In an emergency of this type, having a defibrillator in perfect condition for use, correctly marked and located and having fully qualified personnel on board, is vital to save lives. 

Cardio Protege with Proyecto Salvavidas makes available to the entire nautical and maritime sector, the number 1 external semi-automatic defibrillators in the US and our team of trainers to teach all personnel the necessary techniques to apply first aid.

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