Draft on the use and installation of defibrillators in La Rioja

At present, both the requirements for using a defibrillator by non-health personnel and the regulations for the installation of a device outside the sanitary field in La Rioja are regulated through the Decree 48 / 2008, of 18 of July along with the Decree 140 / 2011 that modifies it


Draft regulation that regulates the use and installation of external defibrillators in the Community of La Rioja


We must emphasize that all the information that is included in this article is based on the document that the Government of La Rioja has made public and that it is in DRAFT PHASE. But we have in the portal the transparency of the Government of La Rioja https://www.larioja.org/normativa-autonomica/es?modelo=NA&norma=2535 of the draft of the Autonomic Decree that presumably will be approved throughout this newly inaugurated 2019, and that will repeal the previous documents.

And what does it mean? Well, it can be approved as it is at the moment, that points may be eliminated or may be included more.

The transparency portal of the Government of La Rioja also includes a section where citizens can convey suggestions and opinions to the different drafts that are created to be taken into account before approval and final publication in the Official Gazette of La Rioja. Rioja (BOR)



Changes included in the current draft, with respect to the current regulations on the use and installation of defibrillators in La Rioja

The Regional Ministry of Health of Rioja has modified the recommendations for the installation of a defibrillator in several of the establishments that were already named in the Decree of the year 2008.

Although the same draft already says that they should have an external defibrillator "all establishments where large concentrations of people are received, transit or remain, " in this draft it is specified more if possible:

Airport, railway stations and buses of Logroño.

This point does not change with respect to the previous regulations


Large commercial establishments and shopping centers

The minimum surface of the establishment, established in 1000 square meters, is eliminated.


The stadiums, sports centers, entertainment venues, conference rooms, events or exhibitions, gyms, educational centers and companies. 

The minimum transit of 500 persons per day, specified in the previous decree, is eliminated.


News of this draft of the regulation on defibrillators of La Rioja


Institutions and public bodies. Although Decree 48 / 2008 named only "Government Presidency Building of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja”In this draft, any public institution and body is cited.


The certificate of training on the use of a defibrillator and CPR becomes indefinite


Another novelty is that the person who is the owner of the team, must guarantee at all times have accredited personnel for the use of the DEA / DESA defibrillator.

A portable defibrillator is very easy to use, but we don't have to be left with the idea that "the defibrillator does it all." We must not forget that the defibrillator is a complement to CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (a complement that increases the chances of survival of anyone who suffers cardiorespiratory arrest by around 75%), and what is not practiced is forgotten. Which brings us to the most controversial point in this draft: the validity of the certifying certificate.


From the Decree of the year 2008, any person who performs the initial course of 8 hours of training that accredits non-health personnel for the use of a defibrillator, had to take a refresher course of 4 hours each 2 duration with its program specific training and its theoretical and practical evaluations.

Well, if the draft is approved as it is at the moment, anyone who takes an initial course of 8 hours, YOU WILL NOT NEED TO RENEW THE CERTIFICATE, since it becomes INDEFINITE.


What minimum devices must have a safe cardio space in La Rioja

Annex III recalls the provision of minimum material required in all facilities that have a defibrillator:


Communication telephone with 112 / 061.

Semi-automatic external defibrillator with two sets of patches and computerized system for recording events.

Hair shavers, gauze and scissors.

Face Mask

Self-inflatable balloon

Oropharyngeal cannulas of different sizes.


Where training should be done on the use of defibrillators and CPR

In addition to these differences, throughout the document there are small variations with respect to the previous decrees that pertain to approved and authorized entities for the training of use of a defibrillator in La Rioja, but not directed to the non-health personnel (public where this article is directed), we will not go into detail.


Finally, we have to remind you again that this article is based on a decree that is currently in draft phase and without a fixed date of approval, so this information may vary in the face of the final regulatory decree.


Jorge Garcia

Instructor Lifeguard Project | The Rioja

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