Cardio-protected hockey rinks with defibrillators

AED Defibrillators and Basic Life Support training

Cardioprotected hockey clubs with AED defibrillators and training

In Spain, there are already many hockey rinks that have installed defibrillators in their facilities, cardio protecting their players and coaches against sudden death.

These AED devices can mean the difference between life and death, therefore, they have become an indispensable requirement of cardioprotection in any type of sports facility. Defibrillators are more than just an emergency device, they are part of an efficient cardiosecurity system that helps reduce the number of deaths from cardiorespiratory arrest.


DEA defibrillator and sudden death training on hockey rinks 


Roller or ice hockey rinks and field hockey fields are popular sports spaces with a high volume of public, workers and club players, where great physical efforts are made and this increases the chances that someone may suffer a heart accident.



In addition to this, hockey is a contact sport and some crashes can put the cardiovascular health of the players at risk, causing commotio cordis. The numerous cases of cardiovascular accidents in hockey leagues are public, especially in American leagues where this sport is more widespread than in our country.

Every day there are different cases of cardiorespiratory arrest in sports facilities and courts. In fact, more than one hundred athletes die every year in Spain due to sudden death.

"Among high-level athletes, it is estimated that in our country each year there are between 100 and 120 deaths due to sudden death", states Dr. José Brugada, Honorary Corresponding Academician of the Royal National Academy of Medicine (RANM). This is why hockey clubs and institutions should be concerned about the cardioprotection of players.

It is important to make the decision to invest in the installation of an AED defibrillator to differentiate your sports club as a company or entity that cares about the safety and health of its players, workers and visitors.



The cardiosecurity of sports facilities implies additional stability for any athlete. It is advisable to install an AED defibrillator or defibrillation groups in all places with a certain amount of public and more so if we are talking about places where the heart can suffer an episode of cardiac arrest.


Training in Basic Life Support and all components for cardioprotection of hockey clubs


Cardioprotect your roller, ice or grass hockey club with a comfortable monthly fee, and provides cardio security to all those attending training or competitive matches. Our offers include training in BLS, the DEA defibrillator, display case, signage, liability insurance, maintenance and spare parts for use included in a comfortable monthly fee.

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