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Cardioprotected Cordoba

Public defibrillators in Córdoba

Córdoba already has defibrillators - Córdoba cardioprotegido space

A project to create the largest number of cardiac rescue points with defibrillator for public use in companies, schools, sports centers and all those places with public.

The Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Cordoba and Proyecto Salvavidas sign an agreement whereby they offer the possibility to Cordovan institutions to become a Cardioprotected Space through participation in solidarity campaigns or subsidized purchase / rent. The purpose is to create the largest number of rescue points, locate them in the SOS-112 App that geolocates these devices and can act in less than 5 minutes for those present in a cardiac arrest with a defibrillator and CPR techniques.

In the firm Mr. Bernabé Galán President of the Illustrious Official College of Physicians of Córdoba and Mr. Rubén Campo Founder of the Lifesaving Project and Cardioprotection Expert explain the bases of the agreement and activities to offer:

Lifeguard Bracelets Campaign:

 Designed by kukuxumusu with the survival chain, these wristbands are delivered to educational centers, sports clubs or small town halls so that with their sale a collection can be obtained that will be exchanged for the integral cardioprotection packs, thus only 800 of these wristbands at a cost of 3 Euros each are exchanged for a complete cardioprotection pack that includes the defibrillator and training for its use.

Life-saving bracelets will also be offered to 1 Euro for sale in city establishments, theaters, discos etc ... With the same purpose and with a greater number of bracelets to sell. These places can associate the Euro of each bracelet with tickets or promotions.

The bracelets are supported by many famous people and foundations associated with the world of soccer. Requests for these can be made through the project website or by calling 902 76 06 04

Cardiovending Campaign:

All companies and entities with vending machines and more than 50 workers can get this cardioprotection pack including comprehensive maintenance through consumption in vending machines, Cardiovending destined between 5 and 10 cm. From each coffee, drink or snack to certify the company or entity as Cardioprotected Space with the complete pack, a system that thanks to the very contained prices of the products in the vending does not affect the economy and are the true beneficiaries of cardioprotection, consumers, who thanks to these contribution cents make a solidarity consumption that can save the life of a partner or their own.

Subsidized rent / sale:

Those entities that can not participate in solidarity campaigns, may purchase the pack or rent it for 85 Euros per month including maintenance, training and equipment as well as certification of Cardioprotected Spaces


This free application allows us to geo locate the nearest defibrillator in order to make a map of cardiac rescue points that allows us to act with the highest possible speed. Also within the app are videos of how to act and a direct call to emergencies.

General Information

Sudden death is the main cause of mortality in Spain with more than 30.000 deaths, in sports it is also the first cause of mortality. The Lifeguard Project gives solidarity options to be Cardioprotected without cost for the entity.

The increase in defibrillators installed in sports centers and companies makes the survival before a respiratory cardio stop increase, to act with these equipment in the first 5 minutes is able to increase an 70% the survival rate, due to the short response period the use is fundamental of the defibrillators by present personnel until the emergencies arrive, which usually do not have the necessary response time to reach one of these events.

In this way, according to Rubén Campo, expert in cardioprotection and founder of the Lifeguard Project, we should multiply by 10 the number of defibrillators to be up to neighboring countries such as France or Germany and by 50 to compare ourselves with countries such as Japan or the USA.

According to the expert, the economic landscape and the different regulations of each autonomous community do not help the necessary progress that would increase the survival rate and you also have to be careful in how these teams are located, since the correct installation and the correct maintenance are essential, as well as the extinguishers, the defibrillators must be well located, signposted, accessible, with adequate maintenance and there must be personnel familiar with their use. Although they are easy to use and very safe equipment, there are still many people who are afraid of these equipment.

The correct installation is not established in any general norm or national regulation, it is the Spanish Society of Medicine SEMST the certifier of Cardioprotected Spaces which at a national level has marked some guidelines for the correct installation of these equipments in which it includes the minimum distance between defibrillators and the furthest point from the entity, the maintenance, the correct installation and signaling and the adequate training that each Autonomous Community has normally established.

The Lifeguard Project, being the main cardioprotection entity in Spain and Latin America, offers solidarity formulas to be able to obtain these packs of cardioprotected spaces that include equipment, training and certification such as Lifeguard bracelets, which are sent free of charge to Educational Centers, Clubs sports, municipalities and companies and Cardiovending, a formula so that any entity or company that has vending machines can have the complete cardioprotection pack and its maintenance at no cost and without the need to change the vending machines or the supplying company, this action is being implemented by important city councils for their sports and social centers and companies from different fields. Even so, according to Rubén Campo's words, cardioprotection for those entities that cannot participate in these campaigns can be obtained through purchase or rent with significant discounts from the Project.

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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