Cardioprotection of concerts and festivals with AED defibrillators

DEA defibrillators at concerts and music festivals

Cardioprotection of concerts and festivals with AED defibrillators

We offer cardioprotection services for concerts, events and festivals, safe cardio spaces with rental DEA defibrillators, cardio protect all your musical events and shows against sudden death, anyone is susceptible to suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The return of these musical shows is a reality, now that the government allows it because the number of infections of the coronavirus has decreased and the number of people already vaccinated has increased, these mass leisure events have been organized and scheduled again such as They are concerts or festivals, taking all the necessary security measures, such as the entry of a smaller number of people, the separation of a meter and a half or the use of mandatory mask.

All these measures do not mean that these types of shows stop hosting a high number of people, they are still a high number to take into account when someone may suffer a cardiac arrest. For this reason, it is especially necessary in shows with a considerable concentration of people, to have a DESA defibrillator.


DEA DESA defibrillators at music festivals and concerts 


The probability of suffering a cardiorespiratory arrest increases given the concentration of people. It is always something that must be taken into account, the accumulation of people greatly hinders the possible action of a possible resuscitated person or of the health services themselves.

It is a reality that even in these places, the majority fail in cardioprotection issues, they do not have easy access to a defibrillator or are located near a health center. In addition, they are still spaces with a large influx of public where the pulsations are high and the public is of all ages, especially adults, and that due to the overcrowding of people are usually complicated so that the emergency services can arrive with total ease.

There is still no regulation that requires it, but the installation of a cardiac rescue station can save the life of someone who statistically suffers a sudden heart attack at a concert or festival.

We carry out a Basic Life Support course for the human team of the event

It is just as important to have these medical devices as it is to train the personnel in charge in basic life support and use of the defibrillator. To save life from a heart attack it is essential to act on time, therefore knowing how to anticipate such a situation, applying a quality heart massage and correctly using an AED DESA are key factors to keep the victim alive until the authorities arrive sanitary. 

Let's not forget that heart problems are the main cause of death in our country and it is necessary to act as quickly as possible to treat the problem. For this reason, we want to emphasize the importance of having semi-automatic external defibrillators or DESA in concerts, events, festivals, and shows that host a large number of people.

In Spain there are 30.000 deaths from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, the only solution in this regard is to apply ventricular fibrillation, not applying it means that it is within the approximately 30% of people who do not arrive alive to the hospital.

Concert with a large influx of public


Place special emphasis on the importance of cardioprotecting mass events  

Survival due to cardiac arrest during COVID19 is low, the first five minutes are essential before a heart attack because they increase the chances of survival by up to 90%. For this reason, in addition to installing semi-automatic external defibrillators or DESA, people must be trained to handle them correctly and, if possible, detect a stop as soon as possible.


How can I install a defibrillator in a large event?


At Proyecto Salvavidas we advise the presence of an automatic external defibrillator not only in large-scale leisure events, but also in those public or private places with large concentrations such as shopping centers, soccer fields, sports centers, hotels ...


We recommend starting our DEA DESA cardioprotection program complete with: 


  1. Free DEA product demonstrations 
  2. Access to audit, with analysis of needs on site, placement and implementation of the program.
  3. DESA purchase, rental or renting options, which include different DEA brands and various models.
  4. Free recycling training, subsidized by FUNDAE
  5. Maintenance service of your installation 
  6. Software for the integral management of all your DEA DESA.
  7. Advice by health personnel.


The Lifeguard Project is the main cardioprotection initiative in Spain, with more than 17.000 external defibrillators installed in companies and entities, ask through our chat or contact form. Get in touch with us and take advantage of special offers and pricing opportunities from brands like ZOLL MEDICAL.

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