Grant to install DEA defibrillators in Ibiza taxis

Ibiza cardioprotected public transport

Grant to install DEA defibrillators in Ibiza taxis

On July 2, a state subsidy was approved on the Balearic island of Ibiza so that taxi drivers can acquire a Semi-automatic external defibrillator to carry it in your work vehicles and cardio protect both clients and passers-by.

The Department of Transport of the Consell de Ibiza it is who has approved this cardio safety measure. € 70.000 will be allocated with the aim of making Balearic public transport a cardioprotected space against cardiopulmonary problems and sudden death.

Javier Torres, the second vice president and Minister of Transport, has stated the reasons for this proposal:

“To improve public transport in Ibiza, give it added value and, most importantly, to save lives, the Department of Transport has promoted first aid courses in which drivers have learned to use semi-automatic external defibrillators. In addition to offering this training, we want to support them financially to equip their vehicles with this device ”.

On July 15, everything related to this measure was published in the BOIB.


Requirements to acquire a subsidized defibrillator for taxi drivers


Holders of discretionary public transport authorization for travelers in tourist vehicles (auto-taxis) of the VT class on the island of Ibiza, who have the certificate or degree in DESA and who have acquired semi-automatic external defibrillators from on January 1, 2021 with the following characteristics.

  • CE certification
  • Approval for sanitary use.

The persons, entities or groups in which any of the prohibitions established in article 13 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, general on subsidies concur "cannot be beneficiaries of the subsidies" 

Form for application for subsidized defibrillators, Annex creditor request

It is estimated that in Spain there are 18.000 resuscitations annually cardiopulmonary in hospitals and 50.000 in out-of-hospital settings. The chances of survival to cardiac arrest outside the Hospital range from 5 and 10%, so one early and effective care is essential to increase survival rate. In such cases, having the assistance of an external defibrillator could mean the life or death of the affected person.


DEA defibrillators in buses, taxis and VTC for the cardio protection of cities


Encouraging the installation and training of defibrillators in taxis, VTC and public transport such as buses and trams, is the responsibility of each city council, Provincial Council, Autonomous Community and each citizen aware of cardio protection.


Training in BLS and use of the AED defibrillator an essential part of the survival of the victim


The incidence of sudden death in our country is of 60 cases per year per 100.000 inhabitants. Moreover, survival of a patient after CPR Is related with different factors, one of them is that the stop is witnessed and the witness begins basic life support maneuvers.

The studies and cases of Cardiorespiratory Arrests have shown that the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers by bystanders improves the survival rate of the victims.



Raise awareness on the importance of maintaining cardio-safe public transport It is something that each autonomous community has to teach from its legislation.

It is the only way to protect the health of users, taxi drivers themselves and the general public, in order to increase survival rates in cases of cardiorespiratory arrest.

We are experts in cardio protection of vehicles, with defibrillator installations in police cars, civil protection vehicles and firefighters, if you need to access the subsidy or if you are also interested in acquiring a AED defibrillator for taxi in rental modeWe have several commercial formulas that make it easier for this taxi sector to install cardio protection equipment in their vehicles.

This opens the way for new mobile cardioprotected spaces in which the taxi sector and public / private transport have special importance, in addition to protecting their customers and passers-by during the journeys; since they are transporting a defibrillator, they could well go to a local medical emergency call, as a first responder or simply rescue or resuscitate a motorist who has suffered a serious traffic accident.

Signed. Carlos Sanjuán from Lifeguard Project

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