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We have all witnessed a choking of greater or lesser importance on some occasion, and although it is normal for them to resolve themselves without major problems, sometimes we do not feel prepared to react or we do not know very well what we should do.

Anti-choking device for children and adults | Anti-asphyxia device Dechoker

Choking in children is especially common; from babies under 3 years that put small objects in the mouth that can easily obstruct the airway, even older children who choke on fast food or run with food in the mouth. They are indeed situations that can be avoided but with children this is not always achieved, and it is better to be prepared for it.

Almost everyone knows the usual techniques to avoid choking children; coughing, hitting the back and, of course, the Heimlich maneuver, but they are not always effective or we know how to do it correctly.

For these emergency choking situations the Dechoker has been designed, an anti-asphyxia device designed so that, with a suction force, any object that obstructs the airway can be extracted in case of choking.

Anti-choking device Dechoker | Official Dealer Dechoker

El Dechoker It is an anti-choking device available in three sizes, to be more effective, one for babies from 12 months to 3 years, another measure for children from 3 to 12 years and that of adults over 12 years.

The design and operation of this device for medical emergencies is very simple and is aimed at non-health personnel can use it effectively. In addition, its small size allows not only have it as part of the standard kit of any home or workplace, but also transport it to almost anywhere when we go with children, because the tranquility is priceless.

Once opened, it can be kept for 2 years in the case of private homes, which makes its useful life quite long.

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The Dechoker is an anti-asphyxiation insurance for restaurants, schools and homes

The Dechoker is an ideal medical device for restaurants, schools, day care centers or for the home, an anti-choking device that protects children, clients or students who may suffer choking during the day, more than 3.000 people die a year from suffocation due to choking .

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