Defibrillator in soccer field

Defibrillators in soccer fields | Cardioprotection for soccer teams

Entering today's football field of any elite team and not finding an AED defibrillator is inconceivable. Even in teams of lower divisions, having a defibrillator has become obvious, and it is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Following mediatic cases of players who have suffered a collapse or in the worst cases have died on the pitch, the football clubs of the first division saw the need to have defibrillation equipment for health emergencies that could happen inside the club's facilities. The most well-off teams not only have their cardioprotected facilities throughout the year, but also have these emergency teams during training and matches, cardioprotection of players, club employees and fans.

The importance of installing DEA defibrillators in football fields

In Spain there are thousands of cases of sudden death a year, and therefore we consider it basic that the players are always cardioprotected at all times. We know that a cardiac event of maximum priority not only happens in the big leagues, it can also happen in any football match and to people of different profiles. The stands of football fields are often full of emotions that alter the heart rate such as euphoria, nerves, tension and, unfortunately sometimes, also by violent acts. Amateurs and amateurs with strong emotions accumulated throughout the game become victims all those who suffer from known cardiac pathologies or sudden onset. These sudden deaths also occur in high performance, young players, as we sadly know.

Ideally, all football fields should have an AED defibrillator and be cardioprotected at all times. We might think that not all national football clubs can afford to have an ambulance in each training, but could they have a defibrillator (DEA) and trained personnel to attend cardiac emergencies until the arrival of the ambulance?


Cardioprotection of soccer players, the defibrillator for soccer fields

The answer is yes. Many neighborhood associations, neighborhood clubs and other sports entities with a tighter budget are betting on automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in their facilities. Upon obtaining the AED, center staff is trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) and defibrillator management so that they are perfectly capable of resuscitating or keeping the affected person alive until the arrival of the ambulance. It is a basic and extremely effective training that offers staff the necessary knowledge and skills and enables the center to obtain the reputation and "reward" of Cardioprotected Space.

According to Dr. López Farré "We must not forget that if something is put at risk by sports, it is the heart; there is sudden death associated with physical effort. The resuscitation can only be achieved with the defibrillator, a simple device to handle and very safe "

From Proyecto Salvavidas we have been committed years with the well-being and the health of the soccer player, contributing defibrillators for all types of cardiac arrests such as the Zoll AED Plus defibrillator and basic life support training and DEA.


Defibrillators in soccer fields


Soccer clubs that have our Zoll AED Plus defibrillators:

  • Teams of first masculine and feminine as Club Atlético de Madrid, Club Real Betis Balompié, Real Madrid, CD Leganes, Getafe CF, Rayo Vallecano de Madrid.
  • Second men's and women's teams: Rayo Vallecano of Madrid B, Torrelodones CF, CDA Navalcarnero San Sebastian de los Reyes A, CF Intern. Madrid DEP, among other football clubs.
  • Third equipment: F. San Agustin de Guadalix "A" RSD Alcala "A", Atletico de Pinto among others.


Defibrillators available to everyone with our Life-saving Bracelets

In Project Lifeguard we have defibrillators of last generation ZOLL number 1 in the USA, avant-garde defibrillators in the sector, defibrillation devices that provide the best treatment to the victim and the best support to the person who revives the victim. All this thanks to benefits without competition and evidence more than consolidated.

Knowing the economic limitations of many entities, the Lifesaver Project launched the Life-saving Bracelet Campaigns in order to offer an alternative financing: it is a way to exchange the profits made with the sale of life-saving bracelets by a DEA defibrillator and the training required by the autonomous community, a way to acquire a "free defibrillator"No cost to the football club.

These campaigns "free defibrillators"They are very popular in associations, neighborhood clubs, sports schools, schools and neighborhood communities, etc. If you work, train or are a member of any of them, we encourage you to contact us without any commitment.


We collaborate closely with the AFE for the cardioprotection of soccer players, club employees and soccer fans, the Lifeguard Project is the company chosen by the Association of Spanish Footballers to supply 617 external defibrillators and train on the use of the defibrillator in the event of a collapse or sudden death.  Keep reading here

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