Defibrillator for home | Cardio security for homes

A defibrillator saves cardio lives by protecting who is nearby

Defibrillator for home

Defibrillator for home | Automatic defibrillators for children and adults

Anyone is susceptible to cardiorespiratory arrest, but if we add the variable of having a family member with heart disease, the chances of having a heart attack at home increase exponentially, purchasing a defibrillator at home increases the chances of survival.


Defibrillator for home, cardio security against sudden death at home

Domestic accidents are many, but the most deadly can be those that end in a cardiorespiratory arrest, so having a defibrillator at home is of vital importance. Our home is the place where we feel safest and where we spend more time throughout our lives, and it is in our home where there are greater possibilities of suffering a CRP, either due to genetic conditions, choking, falls, etc. many other possible causes of accidents in the domestic sphere.

The most exposed to heart failure at home are babies, children, adults and the elderly

The people exposed to the risk of suffering a cardiac arrest at home are all the members that inhabit the house, with special attention to babies, children, including the elderly and adults. Statistics indicate that 70% of cardiac arrests occur at home, 50% of sudden death cases are witnessed. In Spain, 30.000 cardiac arrests occur. Remember that sudden death strikes suddenly anytime, anywhere, and anyone (even if the person appears healthy). Buy a defibrillator for children and adults cardioprotege to all the members of the family.


Defibrillator for home with BLS training | Cardioprotection at home


A defibrillator for home is a real solution to cardioprotect your home or your vacations taking it with you when you travel with the family, let us bear in mind that a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a medical emergency situation, which appears suddenly and unexpectedly, suspending the functions cardiorespiratory of the person who is suffering a rhythmic alteration in his heart. In the absence of resuscitation measures, cardiorespiratory arrest causes a decrease in oxygen transport to the brain, which subsequently produces irreversible cell damage in the brain and death.

To perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR at home, in the presence of a family member who has just suffered a cardiac arrest, we will be clear that ultimately we have to carry out a set of measures and early times to maintain basic vital functions, function respiratory, circulatory and prevention of brain damage, until the arrival of the defibrillator and medical equipment. Here the time elapsed since the start of resuscitation is the most determining factor for the survival of the victim.


Training and emergency equipment for cardiac resuscitation at home


Before a PCR the training and training in the use of an external defibrillator DEA / DESA they will be of vital importance when it comes to the total computation of time spent performing resuscitation with basic life support maneuvers and defibrillation using the defibrillator. The rapid access to a comprehensive emergency system through the automatic call device to the 112 emergency service of your autonomous community, where we can give notice and receive help from the medical emergency personnel who will assist us, who will help us during all the steps of the resuscitation until the ambulance arrives and medical services that they have warned. The resuscitation begins with the recognition of the relative, assessing the symptoms and vital signs, for which training is not essential since the defibrillator with just opening the lid, will guide us throughout the resuscitation process, although to prevent and save time , it is necessary to carry out training in Basic Life Support and use of defibrillators for all family members and household employees.

If you do not have this training in Basic Life Support, do not be alarmed, nothing happens because the defibrillator when pressing the power button, will guide us in all the steps automatically and guide us throughout the process of resuscitation of the victim, with a defibrillator at home, be it a child or an adult, we just have to follow the steps that the defibrillator will indicate, easy and simple steps to make the medical emergency situation more bearable. The main thing is to start resuscitation maneuvers to replace vital functions until the arrival of the ambulance on the way.

The immediacy of basic life support is vital to reduce the possibilities of brain damage, although in the event of sudden cardiac arrest early defibrillation is a key factor for survival, in order to minimize the time to perform defibrillation if necessary, we need short times to increase the survival rate before a cardiorespiratory arrest, each minute that passes the chances of survival of the person decrease by 10%.

Training in basic life support and AED has the main objective of acquiring knowledge to maintain vital functions, both respiratory and cardiovascular, and management of the defibrillator.


Defibrillator for home

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Automatic defibrillators for home | Prevention against sudden death at home


To cardioprotect our home or community of neighbors before sudden death in children and adults we need acquire a portable defibrillator and conduct training for its use by all members of the family. Purchasing a defibrillation device for pediatric and adult use is a more cost-effective choice to protect all members of the family. At home we can apply preventive measures that reduce the chances of suffering a sudden death with the provision of an automatic defibrillator for home, which, being portable, we can take with us on vacation while the whole family travels.


  1. When the blood does not circulate through the brain, damage will occur from 3-5 minutes.
  2. After 10 minutes it may be too late.
  3. External defibrillators are easy to use and save lives.

An external defibrillator that protects all the people around you, protects what we love most, our family.



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