AED defibrillator for gym

Cardioprotection of sports spaces

Defibrillator for gym with CPR course and use of AED

DEA defibrillators in gyms for the cardioprotection of athletes and coaches; Gyms are spaces where great physical efforts are made, being places prone to suffering an episode of sudden death, in Spain around five million people are gym members.

A very high number of people who perform sports activities that involve great physical effort are concentrated in gyms on a daily basis.

These physical efforts directly affect our heart, giving the possibility of being able to suffer a cardiorespiratory arrest.


Gymnasiums spaces where physical effort increases the chances of suffering cardiac arrest


For this reason, they are called high-risk places to suffer a sudden death due to intense physical effort.. There is data that indicates that sport significantly increases this possibility as indicated Cardiology Service, Sports Medicine Center and the Higher Sports Council:

Cardiovascular disease, as in the population that does not practice sports, is the most frequent cause of sudden death. Between 74 and 94% of non-traumatic deaths that occur during sports are due to cardiovascular causes

Gyms with defibrillators for the cardioprotection of partners and trainers

All of this can be solved by equipping gyms with an automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator (DEA DESA), in order to protect the lives of their users and employees. Cardio Protecting a gym is always a success, most of the time, the users who go to the gym are not professional sports people or knowledgeable about the correct practice. 


Viva gym defibrillator


Many times they do not know their limits or the correct practices, exerting physical effort putting their health and heart at risk. Cardio Protecting a gym with a defibrillator ensures peace of mind for users and employees in a cardiac emergencyIt is an action that can save their lives.

It also has to add an added risk, there are more and more gyms equipped with soccer, paddle tennis, tennis courts or with activities such as swimming or athletics, where mostly children attend.

Defibrillator for gym suitable for use in adults and children

In Proyecto Salvavidas we have defibrillators equipped to attend cardiorespiratory arrest to children. In these cases, the defibrillator applies a lower load to children with sudden cardiac arrest.

Let us remember that it is still a big problem, 80% of sudden deaths occur outside the hospital, in common public spaces such as  sports centers, shopping centers, workplaces, homes.

The only effective way to counteract this situation is ventricular fibrillation, early electrical defibrillation, that is, using a defibrillator together with a correct cardiac massage.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we encourage all gyms to have a DESA in their facilities since it is essential to save the life of a person who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.


Defibrillators for gyms


Our gym cardiprotection plan also includes the training of gym employees, it is always important to know the correct techniques, know how to act and stay calm, it is always better that at times like this there is someone trained, fully trained. Investing in protecting people is investing in life.

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