Cardioprotection of beaches

Cardioprotection of beaches with rental defibrillators

This post is dedicated to the cardioprotection of beaches with rental defibrillators, the most economical option to install defibrillators on beaches and tourist areas throughout Spain.

Our coasts are a tourist attraction for a large part of the year, millions of tourists visit our country and our beaches during the summer months, and now that the summer vacation period is approaching, it is time to think about cardioprotecting the beaches and tourist areas of great influx Sometimes we seek to get away from the conventional crowd and discover less touristy, quieter beaches, and normally these beaches do not have a rescue service. However, far from what we might think a priori many of our crowded and popular beaches also have constant vigilance and much less have a defibrillator. Lifeguard posts should be a priority, as well as cardioprotection on the beaches.

Cardioprotection of beaches during the summer for a cardioprotected vacation

The Spanish coasts have a much larger population during the summer than they usually do during the rest of the year. Sometimes coastal cities or towns do not have more resources in proportion to the increase in population that suffer in the summer months, which sometimes leads to the collapse of local health services. And we make special mention of villages whose ambulance service depends on a neighboring town, which in turn serves other populations in its surroundings. For this reason and unfortunately, sometimes the lifeguard posts become improvised "health centers" so a defibrillator is fundamental to be able to assist the victims of suffering a sudden death.

Beach lifeguards have the responsibility to intervene in situations of health emergencies, these rescue professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to act diligently before a cardiorespiratory arrest (CRP), although it is useless but have an external automatic defibrillator (AED) . The most profitable option to install defibrillators on beaches during the summer months is the rental of defibrillators, a modality for beach cardioprotection without having to make the purchase investment or its maintenance the rest of the year.

The use of defibrillators is the most efficient treatment of cardiorespiratory arrest, it requires a basic training for the use of the defibrillator DEA, which has nothing to do with a specialized health training. Training in CPR and use of defibrillators at the height of any restless person who wants to learn more and, of course with greater justification, at the height of people who watch over the safety and integrity of others on Spanish beaches.

The most economical option for the cardioprotection of beaches and tourist towns

The rental of defibrillators for the beaches during the summer months with the greatest demand for tourism is the cheapest option for cardioprotection, a rental of defibrillator with up-to-date maintenance and no economic investment for its acquisition, due to statistical issues of population movements such as we said, during the summer the cities and tourist municipalities increase so the installation of defibrillators in those tourist spaces is essential, although towards the end of summer due to changes in weather, this population increase can be reduced, being the rental of defibrillators the modality that if not interested in keeping defibrillators on the beaches can reduce the number of defibrillators, and further reduce the cost of cardioproteger the municipality during the summer months.

If we consider that the rental of a defibrillator includes all the necessary components for the cardioprotection of beaches during the summer period and we compare it with the costs of purchasing a defibrillator with all defibrillator maintenance costs, liability insurance, battery expiration, expiration of patches and electrodes, we obtain a great saving in favor of the defibrillator rental in front of the purchase of defibrillators, this savings increases due to the discounts obtained by the Salvavidas Project when negotiating large volumes of defibrillator purchases and services with their suppliers, which move in savings in the quota of our client.

Defibrillators for rent in most of Spain's cardioprotected beaches

Many municipalities and mancomunidades are opting for this strategy to cardioproteger their beaches with rental defibrillators and lifeguards trained in resuscitation CPR, and in this way, bathers and tourists not only appreciate a magnificent blue flag natural space, but are summering in a cardioprotected beach with defibrillators against sudden death. Certainly the coastal municipalities inhabited or very visited by population throughout the year demand a permanent cardioportección all the year, where the renting of defibrillators is the most interesting option. It could serve as an example the Costa del Sol or our archipelagos, which also gather older population throughout the year.

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