There are products that are essential in any home or business, but sometimes, until there is a need, we do not realize it.

Having a First Aid Manual can be of great help in emergency situations in which we do not know very well how to act and we only receive contradictory or different information that confuses us even more, that is why a reliable manual can be the best and fastest source of information. We also recommend having a CPR manual for the same reason.
Among the basic products it is interesting to have, apart from gauze, dressings, thermometer, tape and povidone iodine, with non-latex gloves, for possible allergies, physiological serum for nasal and eye cleanings and creams for burns, something more common in the home than it seems and that can be very painful. Facing the summer begins to be essential creams or wipes for insect bites, which can also be annoying or even painful and usually do not usually have until we have already suffered the bite.
Both elastic bandages and reusable cold heat bags can be of great help in bruises or sprains, for a first intervention, but always remember that in these cases it is best to go to a medical center that we value a professional.
The scissors and tweezers should also be in the kit, for easy access in case of need.

An alternative to the reusable cold / heat bags, are those of cold or heat of a single use, that after giving them a strong blow they produce the cold or the heat of instantaneous form, which in the case of companies, schools and centers sports, can be very useful to not have so easy access to cold or heat.
We also recommend having a CPR mask since it is a very useful tool in case you need to do a resuscitation.

In the case of medications, given the recommendation not to self-medicate, we should have basic medicines and you should always remember to dispose of the expired ones or the surpluses once the treatment is finished, through any pharmacy.

Other elements of interest to monitor health at home can be tensiometers, glucose meters, flashlight, thermal blanket ...

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