The role of defibrillators in fairs and festivals in Spain

The protection of our heart and our life, should always be a priority, and no matter where you are, This must be fundamental, therefore, in many places there are defibrillators, which are the perfect company in Fairs and Festivals where great moments of emotion are lived.

In Spain there are many fairs and parties that are held annually, many of them will take place this summer, and these traditions are important to take care of them through cardioprotection companies, which can sell or rent defibrillators for each of these events, in The following articles, we will be talking about the importance of defibrillators at fairs and parties.

What is the importance of having a defibrillator at fairs and parties in Spain?

A defibrillator, within the fair will be guaranteeing:


The security inside the fair is really important, and this increases when you have a health staff inside the fair, which has the necessary tools for any type of emergency that comes up, and that is that many fairs, dona there are concerts and leisure activities, which when combined are sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, can trigger a heart attack, and that's where the defibrillator comes into action.

Currently, the companies that are responsible for preparing the DEA, they seek that they can be used by any person, by means of quick and precise instructions, which will be of vital importance to safeguard the life of the patient.

Trust in your event:

Being able to organize a fair, you want everything to be perfect, and there is always that feeling of anxiety about what could happen in the event, this feeling can be diminished if you as organizer, is responsible for placing defibrillators in strategic points of the Fair, since it will have the confidence that if a cardiac emergency happens, it can be solved thanks to the defibrillators and the support of the emergency personnel. 

What are the best fairs and festivals in Spain?

Festivals of the summer solstice fire

This festival takes place in the summer, in the Pyrenean region, this celebration is really great, since more people from Spain, Andorra and France participate in 60. At nightfall, it is when the party begins, and as a ritual every year, the inhabitants of these villages, descend from the tops of the mountains, this descent, to be carried out with many torches and the lighting of multiple bonfires, which makes this fire party so popular, 

The flaws

Fallas, is a really popular in Spain, the mima begins with what they call the Mascleta, which is made in front of the town hall, there, rockets and firecrackers, become the main attraction, filling the sky with color, then we have the stop of the plant, this city will be full of hundreds of figures, which represent all the creativity of this town, each of these figures, will be burned on the last night, in what is called the bonfire.

Battle of wine

This party, is really popular in Spain, it is a great friendly battle, in which the goal is to be able to stain wine to the rivals, in this party there is a really cheerful and empathetic atmosphere, in addition to the battle, the whole party will have live music.

Battle of Vallecas naval

Thousands of people use buckets, water pistols and all kinds of containers to embark on this fresh battle. After the water fight, it is the turn of the concerts, which serve as the culmination of this party.

La Tomatina

More than 30.000 people willing to enjoy with tomatazos. Around 120 tons of tomatoes are responsible for dyeing the streets of this Valencian population and, of course, those who participate in this spectacular battle.

Each of these parties, will have a large influx of public some of them with cardiovascular risks, that is why, in each of them should have defibrillators located strategically, with the aim of being able to foresee any sudden death inside the fair or party.

Where can I get a defibrillator?

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