The healthy company is a cardioprotected company

Companies against sudden death at work

Healthy company the cardioprotected company

That we spend much of our time working is a reality, the Valencian newspaper Las Provincias published, with data from the platform Freedom in Thoguht, cites the following: "with an average working life of 45 years with a day of 40 weekly hours, we use 12 years working".

There are millions of tasks to perform in many different jobs, without forgetting that work stress among workers is increasing, as well as sedentary lifestyle related to work, unbridled schedules, combined work, insufficient rest, hours and hours in front of the computer, greater demands, years in the office chair.

Have we stopped to reflect on this individually and collectively? The answer is yes.


The healthy company is a company that cares for and promotes the health of its workers

Some companies are beginning to be aware of the need to promote health and encourage self-care among their employees to maintain productivity. The healthy company is one that promotes and cares for the health of all workers. The CSR of a healthy company is a broader corporate social responsibility, including the installation of defibrillators for the cardioprotection of the company.

And how can a company promote health? Offering healthy options in the cafeteria, the daily menu and vending machines; giving breaks for stretching in positions that involve significant or automated physical efforts, or that involve maintaining the posture for a long time; prioritizing natural light to artificial light; taking care of the spaces in terms of vegetation (interior or exterior) and ventilation, among others; flexible schedules; promoting coexistence, communication and teamwork.


Occupational prevention reduces mortality rates at work 

However, we have more deeply rooted the culture of occupational prevention, which is also a fundamental pillar in any sector.

When we talk about morbidity (disease) and mortality rates, cardiovascular diseases are at the top. As we see in these tables of the Occupational Health and Safety Report in Spain of 2016 (ISSL), the diseases of the cardiocirculatory system appear in the list of diseases caused or aggravated by work.


 The National Institute of Statistics, in its last report of 2018, showed the most frequent causes of mortality in Spain (data compiled from 2017):



The most common way of dying in the workplace is heart attacks and strokes


Returning to the 2016 ISSL, they observed that "as regards the different ways of dying workers, infarcts and strokes were the most common form for both sexes in all sectors of activity, whose range varies by sector between the 34,9% in Agriculture and the 54,4% in the Services sector ".





Is your company cardioprotected with DEA ​​defibrillators?


Currently, the regional laws leave much room between each other with regard to the mandatory installation of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in workplaces. Autonomous Communities such as Aragón, Extremadura and Madrid demand an AED in work centers that house at least 250 workers and workers.

Many companies, however, choose to install DEA even without being forced to do so. Infarction is one of the most frequent causes of cardiorespiratory arrest (CRP) and is one of the most common phenomena causing the high rates of occupational mortality reflected above. Having an AED on hand can mean saving a person's life. Training staff to know how to operate an AED and act while the ambulance arrives saves lives.

Do you know our "cardiovending" healthy? is aligned perfectly with the healthy company that wants to protect its spaces without investing in the purchase of defibrillators

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