The Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Aragon supports the "Aragón Cardioprotegido" Project

The Federation of Municipalities and Provinces of Aragon supports the "Aragón Cardioprotegido" project, promoted by the Lifeguard Project.

The purpose is to create a map of cardiac rescue points throughout Aragon that will allow for an increase in survival in the presence of cardio respiratory stops, the main cause of mortality in Spain.

Public defibrillators in Aragon with life-saving bracelets

Several Aragonese entities and City Councils have already joined with the Lifeguard Project, which through this event invites all the Aragonese Entities to participate through solidarity campaigns of Life Bracelets to obtain public defibrillators free of charge, solidarity bracelets very suitable for clubs sports, educational centers and associations. The Cardiovending or vending cardiseguro is an ideal system so that companies and town halls can have defibrillators with complete cardioprotection packs without cost or economic investment. The project of free public defibrillators in Aragon also offers the possibility of renting or buying subsidized defibrillators and packs for those entities that can not participate. The Salvavidas project is an entity approved by the Government of Aragon to provide training courses that enable the use of the defibrillator and certifiers of Cardioprotected Spaces.

Aragón Cardioprotegido project with free public defibrillators

On the morning of 5 December day of 2014 the Secretary General of the Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, Counties and Provinces, Eduardo Gallar, Along the Director of Development of the Lifeguard Project, Miguel Zandundo, presented having as witnesses to Félix Brocate General Director of Sports of the Government of Aragon and Cristian Lapetra President of Real Zaragoza the project "Cardioprotected Aragon". It is an ambitious project to try that under advantageous conditions, it is a matter of providing facilities to the municipalities associated with said municipal entity so that they can get hold of a defibrillation team and offer CPR (Cardiovascular Resuscitation) courses approved by the Government of Aragon in better conditions.

The Aragonese Federation of Municipalities, Regions and Provinces committed against sudden death

Gallar ratified in his presentation the degree of implication of the Federation that as Secretary General tutela,
“It is good to give facilities to all the municipalities of Aragon, more than 700, that they may have to obtain a public defibrillator thanks to the agreement we have with the Lifeguard Project. The results are coming by trickle and now we want to ratify the commitment we have with the municipalities, especially with the smallest and far from nuclei with a large population, since in their case the risk is greater, and there the Salvavidas Project guarantees the exceptionality of the agreement ”.

For his part, from the Lifeguard Project, Miguel Zandundo pointed in the presentation “The first year is good, but the demand is increasing. We try that at no direct cost to the City Council they can have a CPR (Cardiorespiratory Resuscitation) team from our Company. We sell peace of mind in different formats, via direct purchase, via renting, through cardiovending and finally with the solidarity bracelets system with the intention of never having to use it and with the idea that each club council. With the sale of 800 solidarity bracelets, the City Council has a team owned, with its training, maintenance and recycling. In this way the Association or group does not cost anything. But let's remember that a year 30.000 people die in Spain outside the health field and that is where our teams collaborate to save lives "

The General Directorate of Sports of the Government of Aragon and the importance of installing defibrillators

For its part, Félix Brocate spoke of the importance of agreements like these and the importance they have in the world of sport, “It is vital that sports clubs can prevent themselves from an accident of this type. The agreement that we present today has the endorsement of the Government of Aragon, which claims that the more security there is in these matters, the better. Sudden death exists and we have to try, if necessary, to minimize it. Aragon is a large territory and we must try to cover it as much as possible ”.

The Real Zaragoza soccer club committed to the Aragón Cardioprotegido Project

The President of Real Zaragoza, Cristian Lapetra, when assessing the agreement affirmed
; "It is an agreement that will benefit, in what refers to many sports clubs in small towns that perhaps by their own means could not reach but that the hand of the City Council, can have these life-saving equipment. We have our own medical services, but small clubs could count on these teams. In a subject of awareness that with a small investment you can save a life and that is priceless ".

All those entities that wish to participate may contact the Salvavidas Project through its website or by calling 900 670 112

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