The History of Prince Takamado

Prince Takamado was the emperor's nephew and one of the most popular and respected men of the imperial family. He was also the honorary president of the Japanese Football Association.

The November 21 of 2002 suffered a cardiac arrest while playing squash near the Canadian embassy in Tokyo. When the ambulance arrives it identifies "ventricular fibrillation"(Seriously abnormal heart rhythm that, unless treated immediately with a defibrillator, causes death). At that time, the law required the explicit call and permission of a physician before carrying out the defibrillation with an automatic defibrillator (AED). For when the doctor indicates that a discharge occurs, the patient develops asystole. After continuing the CPR and transferring it to the hospital including extracorporeal circulation, they could not resuscitate it.

The media echoed this news throughout the country and for the first time the words " ventricular fibrillation" They were used in the news reaching the entire population. Since then, several measures have been taken by the authorities:

⁃ The Ministry of Health approved "defibrillation without the recommendation of doctors"

⁃ In 2004 "citizens could use Defibrillators"

Thanks to these measures, the ratio of witnesses performing CPR and use of the defibrillator on the street increased. For the 2008, 800 defibrillations were carried out by citizens using the AED compared to 92 in the 2005.

What has to happen in Spain for all the autonomous communities to agree and unify their laws on the installation of defibrillators and their use by non-health citizens?

Matias Soria.

Training Department ANEK S3

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