Mitsubishi air purifiers with HEPA filter

Mitsubishi air purifier capable of removing viruses

Mitsubishi air purifiers with HEPA filter

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 is associated mainly through the air in the air in indoor environments. For this reason, preventive measures are required to mitigate short to medium range airborne transmission.

As has been shown in studies, the virus present in experimentally generated aerosols can remain active in the air for more than 3 hours (1). In another study (2) the authors and scientists have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that Viruses are released during exhalation, conversation, and coughing in droplets small enough to remain airborne and pose a risk of exposure at distances beyond 1 to 2 m from an individual infected. In this study are a series of recommendations, among them is the installation of air purifiers. The CSIC (3) also advocates the use of preventive measures such as the installation of air purifiers with HEPA filters such as the purifiers offered by Mitsubishi.


Features of Mitsubishi Purifiers with High Efficiency HEPA Filters


Mitsubishi has developed two ranges of HEPA filter air purifiers. The HEPA filter is so dense that it can capture 2.5PM suspended particles, the density is such that its expanded surface covers 3.38m2. In addition, the filter has a durability of up to 8 years (variable depending on use). Furthermore, the Antibacterial action of the HEPA filter surface removes 99% of viruses. The effectiveness manages to capture viruses and bacteria that may exist in the air, the advantage of Mitsubishi high-efficiency HEPA filters is that they last 8 years for the MA-E85R model and almost 5 years for the MA-E100R model .

Air purifiers with HEPA filter from Mitsubishi Electric 


Self-cleaning function of Mitsubishi air purifiers


Mitsubishi air purifiers have a self-cleaning function that automatically removes dust in the pre-filter to maintain maximum efficiency in capturing harmful elements from the air. The MA-E85R purifier detects when the pre-filter is dirty and automatically removes the dirt to ensure optimum performance and maintain filter efficiency at all times.

From Proyecto Salvavidas we want to bring together several preventive measures in order to stop the different existing propagation routes. Therefore we present these two solutions that may be of interest:

Air purifiers are recommended by the Ministry of Health, especially in places where it is difficult to obtain satisfactory ventilation. These are preventive measures to mitigate this route of airborne transmission in conjunction with others such as hand hygiene and surface cleaning and thus reduce the risks of infection.

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