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Semi Automatic Defibrillators

Semi Automatic Defibrillators - How to choose the best

One of the most common doubts when deciding to be a Cardioprotected Space is to choose the type of defibrillator and the defibrillator mark.

In Spain most of the defibrillators that are installed are Semi Automatic, approximately 95% versus 5% automatic equipment. The only difference between these models is the download button, they are aesthetically identical but this button in the Automatic models is inoperative.


 The semi-automatic defibrillator models have the following sequence:


1 Switched on

2 It tells us to call emergency services

3 It helps us to place the patches correctly

4 It tells us not to touch the patient and performs a small Electro that detects that the heart really needs a shock

5. If necessary, it tells us not to touch the patient and press the discharge button (Semi Automatic) or it gives it directly (Automatic)

6 It tells us to start with CPR

7 At the 2 minutes it will perform the sequence again, exactly the points (4,5 and 6)


It is essential to include the defibrillator within a prevention plan when dealing with a company or entity, as well as extinguishers, defibrillators is essential that they are well located, accessible at all times, signaled and with proper maintenance. It is also essential to do training on the use of them, even if it is a minimum training that familiarizes us with the team. In the United States, for this reason, it was found that the 38% of defibrillators installed did not work when used for cardiac arrest, since then the measures are much stricter and in our country we must be more rigorous in terms of the indicated aspects that will allow acting with speed and precision.

The distributor must be a recognized entity that responds to possible technical problems arising from the equipment, to the maintenance and replacement of parts or delivery of courtesy equipment in case of revision. Choosing a certifying entity of the Spanish Society of Medicine and Work Safety will give you the guarantee of being audited companies that will also allow you to start or future certify your installation as a Cardioprotected Space.

Our entity has delivered more than 19.000 defibrillator equipment to different entities and our clients include several of the most important companies, groups, municipalities and chains in the country. 

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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