World Beaches Day: Cardioprotecting them is also important

Beaches with DEA ​​defibrillators

World Beaches Day: Cardioprotecting them is also important

On September 18, the World Beach Day, an initiative that arose to raise awareness in the population about the conservation of marine spaces and the environment.

The tradition of celebrating this day began in 1991 thanks to the international coastal cleaning campaign called "International Coastal CleanUp", which is celebrated in more than 150 countries.

During the celebration of this day, it is already a tradition that environmental organizations and other NGOs coordinate and bring together people to participate in clean-up days on the beaches of their town.

More and more beaches in Spain have DEA or DESA defibrillators. In addition to preserving the beaches, we must also take into account the cardiosecurity of the people who use it. Spain is known throughout the world for coastal tourism and for the great variety of beaches that abound in its different autonomous communities.

One of the greatest distinctions, for the qualification of the beaches, is the obtaining of the Blue flag, an award that is obtained by fulfilling a series of requirements. For the award of this distinction, the European Foundation for Environmental Education, requires compliance with standards on water quality, safety, provision of general services and environmental management. Among the safety requirements is the cardioprotection of the area with DEA ​​or DESA defibrillators.



In 2018 ADEAC established the obligation of having an accessible defibrillator less than 5 minutes from the beach in order to obtain the Blue Flag award.


The Beaches of Spain, at the head of cardioprotection


Spain has the largest network of blue flag beaches in the world, currently more than 580 of our beaches have been awarded this distinction. The presence of defibrillators provides bathers and users with security from the many cases of sudden death that occur on the beaches of our country.

The Lifeguard Project has helped make our beaches safer thanks to the certification of numerous beaches as cardioprotected areas.

As we already know, sudden death or cardiorespiratory arrest can occur anywhere or by anyone, regardless of the health status or gender of the victim.

At Proyecto Salvavidas we have a series of external defibrillators to cover all kinds of spaces and activities, as well as training and all comprehensive cardioprotection services for the maintenance and perfect condition of the defibrillators.

To count on defibrillators on beaches and other recreational and tourist areas without having to buy the equipment, you can find out about our service Defibrillator rental o Defibrillator Renting.

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