Defibrillators in stations and airports

Stations of public transport cardioprotected against sudden death, legislation and regulations for the cardioprotection of ports, airports, train stations and metro in Spain.

Regulations that require cardioproteger ports, airports, train stations or metro

Cardioprotection in Spain is marked by the regulations of the autonomous communities of Spain, public access to defibrillation is essential to overcome a sudden death, because for every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest the chances of survival are reduced by 10% , being from the seventh minute very difficult to rescue the victim without sequels.

Railway stations, seaports, train stations, airports or bus stations are areas of high traffic of people, so it is statistically very likely that a cardiorespiratory arrest occurs at any time.

The renting the preferred modality for cardioproteger stations of means of transport

The renting of a cardioprotected space is the preferred modality for most transport stations such as airports, ports, train stations or buses. With the maintenance of the cardioprotected space and the defibrillator, taking into account the expiration of the patches or electrodes, the expiration of the batteries or the courtesy defibrillator service in case of breakdown, make the renting the ideal modality to cardioprotect the facilities of any company. In the maintenance we control the level of the batteries, they perform self-test of operation for its perfect state for its use.

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