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Cardioprotection is understood as the installation of defibrillators in public and private spaces, with / without showcase, signage and maintenance, includes training, the registration of the AED and its use.

Experts in Cardioproteger companies and entities

Our space cardioprotection service includes defibrillator, installation, signage, spare parts, maintenance and training for the use of the defibrillator.

Cardiosecurity with everything included

Defibrillator / Spare parts

The comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces includes the defibrillator and spare parts, both the patches if they have been used and batteries are included at no additional cost.

Signage / Showcase

The official defibrillator signal set is essential to make the location of your defibrillator perfectly visible.


Approved training in all autonomous communities and required for the use of semi-automatic external defibrillators (DESA) and basic life support.


Digital control of expiration dates, periodic self-check of the defibrillator, delivery of courtesy defibrillator, comprehensive maintenance.

cardioprotegidos spaces

Services for cardioproteger companies, entities and individuals

Certified facilities as cardioprotected spaces according to regulations

Everything you need for cardioprotected spaces
Approved services

The defibrillator, the regulations of the autonomous community to which it belongs, insurance and compliance with regulations for the sale of material. The installation of a display case that protects the defibrillator, the location and easy / quick location signs. Training and courses in public access to defibrillation according to regulations of the different autonomous communities.


DEA / DESA defibrillator, defibrillators for cardioprotection, last generation devices.
Accessories to protect / expand defibrillator functionalities.
Preventive and corrective maintenance service for AED defibrillators with revision of the defibrillator.
Spare parts
Original spare part, approved devices for cardioprotection in Spain, spare parts.
Installers of defibrillators for cardioprotection, approved company for DEA installation.
Signage of defibrillators DEA, visual signals for the location of defibrillators.

Regulations for the use and installation of defibrillators
Cardioprotection according to the regulations of the autonomous community

Cardioprotection service approved according to regulations of the different autonomous communities for the use and installation of external defibrillators in public and private spaces, approved facilities in all the autonomous communities of Spain, we certify your cardioprotected space.

Questions and doubts

Explanation & Concepts

It is that place that has the necessary elements to assist a person in the first minutes of a cardiac arresthere.

For entities that can not afford defibrillator and CPR course expenses and use of DESA directly, we are offering 3 alternative ways:

1- One way to acquire defibrillators and the one that works the most in schools, institutes, sports halls, soccer clubs or town halls is through our Solidarias Salvavidas bracelets, which we send free of charge to the entity that requests it and after its sale the They can be exchanged for a defibrillator and the course approved by the autonomous community. There is no obligation to sell the bracelets, the bracelets campaign is having a lotSimo ésuccess and more than 500 entities have achieved their defibrillator through this méall. The campaignña of solidarity bracelets can be stopped when the entity wants it and if they want more bracelets because the campaign is going well they can buy mores.

2- Rent paying a monthly fee that includes the defibrillator, courses, device maintenance, battery replacement and patches in case of expiration or use. Renting is ideal for hotels, companies, gyms or community of neighbors that more and more are joining this option.

3- Cardiovending this is that the defibrillator is acquired increasing a fewéWe are at the price of coffeeé, snack or drinks from the company that has vending machines and once the price of the defibrillator is reached, the prices of before are set again, thus achieving a cardioprotected space.


Despite being a team of fáCil management, it is the autonomous communities that regulate this training. The duration of the courses varía in different communities. The úonly communities that do not demand aúmere concrete hours of trainingn are countrys Basque and Madrid. The personnel authorized to use the defibrillator must be trained in a course taught by a certified entity (Proyecto Salvavidas está approved in all the CC.AA.) or be health personnel

Currently, there is sóthe normative of carácharacter autonomic for the installation of defibrillators in public spaces in the following Autonomous Communities: Andalusia, the Canary Islands, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Asturias, Valencia and Madrid. But even if there is no obligation, it is highly recommended to install these spaces as they can "Save Lives".

A person needs CPR when they do not respond to a call (unconscious) and are not breathing normally (gasping or gasping) or not breathing.

For CPR to be effective, the chest must be compressed a minimum of 5 cm and a maximum of 6 cm at a rate of not less than 100 compressions per minute and not more than 120.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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