Cardioprotection of dental clinics

Defibrillators in dental clinic

DEA defibrillators in cardioprotected dental clinics

Is your dental clinic ready to act before a cardiac arrest?


The Autonomous Community of Madrid has new regulations regarding this issue. On November 7, 2018, the new regulations applicable to the installation of defibrillators in dental clinics were published.

You can consult the complete regulations here


Below, we summarize the most important content for you:


In dental clinics, we must have a basic CPR team if we perform interventional techniques in diagnostic or treatment activities (practically any dental act could be considered as an interventional technique).

The material to perform basic life support maneuvers must be at least:

Self-inflating balloon bag with 02 reservoir and final respiratory pressure valve

Basic devices for airway management


Medication to solve an emergency situation

Semiautomatic defibrillator (if surgical activities are performed)


The order gives an adaptation period of 18 months to authorized clinics. Therefore, they need this material by May 2020.

From Proyecto Vidavidas we are helping dental clinics to be in accordance with the regulations. Making visits for personalized advice.

Defibrillator offers for dental clinics 

We do not want anyone to be out of the regulations, for this reason, we have created an offer designed for you.


Until May 15, 2020 (date with active obligation regulations) you can get the following cardio protection services:


ZOLL AED PLUS defibrillator of last generation, with total help to the CPR. Best rated and best selling worldwide.

Approved display case and 2 posters for the location of the equipment.

Integral maintenance of the equipment with periodic self-check, warning in case of any possible incident.

Unlimited battery and patch replacement, both for use and for expiration.

Control of equipment with our APP -

Replacement of the equipment in case of use, download of events and updates.

Technical Assistance Service 24 hours 365 days with free emergency calls.

Online Basic Life Support course and use of the DEA for all clinic workers.

We also offer face-to-face training in basic life support and use of the defibrillator that is performed in the same dental clinic or place to be defined by you. This is a bonus training, exempt from VAT and approved by the Autonomous Community.


With all this, you can get the "Cardioprotected Dental Clinic" certificate. This is the only recognition of the optimal cardioprotection of dental clinics endorsed by the Spain Health Foundation.


If you need more information about certificates you can check it here:

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