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Cardioprotection of shopping centers

Defibrillator, regulation and certification cardioprotegido mall

Defibrillators in cardioprotected shopping centers

Shopping centers with defibrillators against sudden death, facilities and regulations for the cardioprotection of large commercial areas in Spain.


Regulations that require the installation of defibrillators in shopping centers and large commercial areas

Cardioprotection in Spain is determined by the regulations on defibrillators of the different autonomous communities of Spain, public access to defibrillation is essential to overcome sudden death, since for every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest the chances of survival are reduced 10%, being from the seventh minute very difficult to rescue the victim without sequelae. Shopping centers are public spaces with a large influx of people, so it is statistically very likely that a cardiorespiratory arrest will occur. 

The large commercial areas are usually roofed buildings distributed by floors with several floors, these commercial areas of large numbers of people are forced to install external defibrillators, place them and signal them correctly for rapid localization in case you need to use the defibrillator These shopping centers are often crowded spaces where the stores attend their clients in person, spaces where the probability of suffering a cardiac arrest increases due to the population density that visits them daily.


The renting of defibrillators is the preferred modality for the cardioprotection of shopping centers

The renting of a cardioprotected space is the preferred modality for most large commercial areas, taking into account the expiration of the patches or electrodes, the expiration of the batteries or the courtesy defibrillator service in case of breakdown, make the renting of defibrillators the ideal modality for the cardioprotection of large surfaces and shopping centers. In the maintenance of the defibrillator is a decisive point when deciding the ideal modality for cardioproteger shopping centers, a maintenance of defibrillators where we control the level of the batteries, perform self-test for its perfect condition for use. Another strong point of the defibrillator renting modality for shopping centers is that it includes CPR training and the use of a defibrillator, a hands-on training course on cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers in its facilities and for the staff of the shopping center.


Certified shopping centers as cardioprotected spaces 

The rental of defibrillators for shopping centers includes all the necessary devices to be a certified cardioprotected space, from the defibrillator itself, the showcase, the 112 medical emergency call device, the signage of the entire shopping center, maintenance includes spare parts in case of use, since the patches once used are replaced by new ones, the batteries will also be replaced in case of expiration or wear.

The Lifeguard Project is a certifying company of cardioprotected spaces, we carry out certifications and certifications of cardioprotected spaces, we are certified as a company for training in the use of defibrillators throughout Spain, certified in each autonomous community of Spain.


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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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