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Municipalities and Cardioprotected Cities

Public spaces cardioprotected with DEA ​​defibrillators

Defibrillators in cardioprotected municipalities

Municipalities and associations committed to Cardioprotection They are those that work for public access to defibrillation. Is your locality cardioprotected with defibrillators? Find out how to get it!

Public defibrillators in cities committed to cardioprotection

Cardioprotection is everyone's business, and that's why a defibrillator is a good for citizens. Public access to defibrillation is essential to overcome a sudden death, because for every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest the chances of survival are reduced by 10%, being from the seventh minute very difficult to rescue the victim without sequelae .

Cities by Cardioprotection are those that work for a public access to defibrillation

With the collaboration of the entities in your city, the sale of life-saving bracelets to 3 € unit price, the city will get the certificate for free City by Cardioprotection, as well as defibrillators and management courses approved by the different Autonomous Communities.



Does your population have defibrillators in public spaces? Find out how to get them!

From the Lifeguard Project we want to contribute our grain of sand to facilitate the possibility of installing an external defibrillator in those populations that do not have resources for the purchase, we make our Lifeguard bracelets for defibrillators available to all the town councils of Spain, a modality to acquire a defibrillator without economic investment, relying on the solidarity of the population, merchants, citizens, schools, sports clubs and swimming pools, an endless number of public spaces.   

The proposal for the municipality of the population

Create an advertising campaign to communicate the initiative and mobilize all citizens can become a social party. Solidarity is one of the ways to acquire a defibrillator, with the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets (designed by Kukuxumusu ) is faced with the purchase of the defibrillator. We are committed to cardioprotection to save as many lives as possible, tell us your case and we will look for a solution. To carry out this plan, we propose you:

1 Implementation of the City action by Cardioprotection.

2 Search of entities (Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Companies, Banks ...) that want to collaborate in the campaign

3 Publicize these entities and perform an act where the City Certificate for Cardioprotection will be delivered

4. Distribution of Box and Lifeguard bracelets among these entities (200, 300 .. bracelets priced at € 3) *

5 Exchange the 100% of the collection for approved defibrillators and courses.

* The option for the entity to advance the amount of the wristbands and then recover the investment will allow the direct delivery of the defibrillators.


Example to get a free defibrillator with training included for 8 people

2.000 Bracelets sold at a price of € 3 each unit, you can purchase a complete 4-generation defibrillator for pediatric and adult use, we include the Basic Life Support Course and Management of defibrillators for 8 people, approved by the CC.AA. There is the possibility of organizing a Training workshop on the use of a defibrillator in which all citizens participate If you want to do it, ask us your case and we will look for your formula.

The entities that collaborate with the City Council will be doing an action of great Social Responsibility that can save lives of their neighbors, customers, friends or relatives, the investment will be easily recoverable and must be participants at all times of communications, presentations or publicity of the City Council about this action

The City Council or the Lifeguard Project will be responsible for the collection of these bracelets whose amount is intended in its entirety to save lives, lives directly related to people who purchase the life-saving bracelet 3 € sale price to the public.


Characteristics of Kukuxumusu life-saving bracelets

Bracelets designed by Kukuxumusu, Life-saving bracelet individually packaged, high quality material with closure, includes informative diptych and design with survival chain. Includes barcode for sale and marked price to 3 € retail price.

For volume actions, possibility of personalization of the wristband and informative leaflet with logo and name of the City Council.


10 points to define a solidarity campaign to acquire a defibrillator with the Lifeguard bracelets

1 A defibrillator is not a good for a City Council, the citizens are the true beneficiaries and the City Council channels the action.

2. There are several formulas to participate, but the main one is that through the town hall, different entities of the population (bars, restaurants, supermarkets, kiosks, banks, associations, companies ...) participate in the sale of the life-saving bracelets designed by kukuxumusu with a price of € 3.

3 All the collection is destined to obtain defibrillators, courses or material of emergencies

4 These entities must be publicized by the municipality as collaborators of the campaign and may participate in 2 forms, the first, selling wristbands that we will leave on deposit in the establishment, the second is paying a pack of bracelets and recovering the investment with the sale of these , in this last way, you can advance the collection and obtain the defibrillators or courses directly ...

5 You have to think that the sales establishments make a social responsibility action for the benefit of the people, who are their clients, friends or relatives, who can obtain or sell packs of groups of 100 bracelets, they usually ask 300 to 1.000 bracelets, which can ask for bracelets as many times as they want and that will also get the publicity support of the City Council as an entity that helps the city be a city by cardioprotection.

6 If a Town Hall achieves that 10 entities participate and that each one sells 400 1 Euro bracelets, the 4.000 bracelets (400x10 entities) sold by 2 defibrillators of last generation will be exchanged.

7. In addition to this formula you can sell wristbands at events,? These, concerts, through civil protection groups, in schools ... if an entity sells many wristbands alone it would be advisable that a defibrillator be located in this facility, for example the sale of 2.000 bracelets in a school, his thing is that the defibrillator, even if it's the City Council, stays at school.

8. Check that there are also certifications of cardioprotected space, cardioprotected beach, you can also get with the wristbands since in addition to the defibrillator must install some more product in your case as showcases, signage.

9 Those populations that already have defibrillators, can participate and get spare parts for these as patches or batteries, approved courses, emergency backpacks ...

10 The collection and control of the entities that sell the bracelets can be done directly with the City Council who will enter the proceeds to the life saving project for the exchange or directly with the Lifeguard Project who will make a sales report for their next exchange.


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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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