Neighborhood communities with external defibrillators

Neighborhood communities cardioprotected against sudden death, recommendations for cardioprotection of private community spaces.

Neighborhood communities Cardioprotected

The 65% of deaths due to cardiac arrest are domiciliary and could be avoided with a defibrillator in a community of neighbors.

"This makes evident the importance of these teams being as accessible as possible within neighborhood communities. The presence of a semiautomatic defibrillator is essential to reverse a cardiac arrest or sudden death, act within the 5 first minutes after the event is vital ", Campo has said.

These first minutes are a "insufficient" time so that the emergency teams reach the event, with which the rapid action of the people who are present it's "fundamental" to save life of people who suffer cardiac arrest, according to the project's founder.

Even so, they are already 50 neighborhood communities throughout Spain that have a defibrillator in their facilities. This device would be "accessible" for any person, as are the extinguishers in the corridors or on the walls of the buildings.

According to this project, "they are places that in a few years will have defibrillators and will surely be by regulation, meanwhile, those that advance their installation, will have the possibility to go Saving lives".

As for the cost of installing these devices with maintenance at a comfortable monthly fee through the Lifeguard Project. This installation includes the "training, installation, maintenance of the equipment, training recycles and certification of Cardioprotected Space", something "very accessible" for any neighborhood community.

To involve the neighbors in the installation of these devices, they participate in the campaign by contributing a small amount of money for the purchase of some bracelets and, with this, "they get the community of neighbors to have the equipment", according to Field added.

Among some of the utilities that these defibrillators can have, is to reverse a cardiac arrest by drowning in the pool and also, it can be used without any problem in both adults and children.

The autonomous communities recommend installing defibrillators in residential buildings

Cardioprotection in Spain is marked by the regulations of the autonomous communities of Spain, access to defibrillation is essential to overcome a sudden death, because for every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest the chances of survival are reduced by 10%, being from the seventh minute very difficult to rescue the victim without sequels.

Neighboring communities are private spaces with a high concentration of people over a long period of time, being the usual residence, it is very likely that if a cardiopulmonary stop occurs in our own home, it is of vital importance to have a defibrillator near.

The renting the preferred modality for cardioproteger neighborhood communities

The renting of a cardioprotected space is the preferred modality for the majority of homeowners and neighborhood communities, a renting with the maintenance of the cardioprotected space and the defibrillator, taking into account the expiration of the patches or electrodes, the expiration of the batteries or the courtesy defibrillator service in case of breakdown, make renting the ideal modality to cardioprotect the community facilities of a neighboring building. In the maintenance we control the level of the batteries, they perform self-test of operation for its perfect state for its use. All in a comfortable monthly fee, without having to assume the devaluation of the defibrillator, or any cost of the service.

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