Defibrillators for schools and educational centers

Schools cardioprotected with external defibrillators against sudden death, Nominative and pediatric devices for cardioprotection of school and university spaces.

Educational centers and Cardioprotection in schools

Cardioprotection at school is everyone's business, and that's why a defibrillator is a good for teachers and students. Public access to defibrillation is essential to overcome a sudden death, because for every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest the chances of survival are reduced by 10%, being from the seventh minute very difficult to rescue the victim without sequelae . Schools or universities where population density is high, is a space with more chances of suffering a sudden death or cardiopulmonary arrest.

Educational facilities, schools or universities must have a semi-automatic external defibrillator.

In some Autonomous Communities it is mandatory that the defibrillators are permanently connected to the 112 emergency network, so that at the time of their use they activate the action of the emergency network.
The educational centers in which defibrillation devices are installed must have a visible and adequate space for their installation. These devices must be duly signaled by the recommended universal signaling. Together with the defibrillator, the instructions for its use will be clearly displayed, as well as the 112 telephone for contacting the emergency services. The location of the same should be properly identified by specifying its location in the maps or informative maps of the school or university, so that teachers and students can access them.
The physical or legal persons responsible for managing those complexes or educational facilities where an external defibrillator is installed will be responsible for ensuring its maintenance and conservation, in accordance with the instructions of the equipment manufacturer so that the defibrillator and its accessories are in perfect state of use.

Schools with no resources or low budget have at their disposal the solidary formula of Life-saving Bracelets, cWith the collaboration of the entities close to the sports club or sports association, the sale of life-saving bracelets to 1 € of unit price, the sports club will get the installation certificate free of charge by Cardioprotection, as well as the defibrillators and approved courses for their use, training approved by the different Autonomous Communities.

The renting the preferred modality for cardioproteger schools

The renting of a cardioprotected space is the preferred modality by the majority of colleges and universities when it comes to cardioprotecting their educational facilities, the maintenance of the cardioprotected space and the defibrillator, the expiration of the patches or electrodes, the expiration of the batteries or the courtesy defibrillator service in case of breakdown. In the maintenance we control the level of the batteries, self-test of operation for its perfect state for its use.

The solidarity bracelets in exchange for defibrillators is another modality widely used by educational centers

The Life-saving Bracelets will help you raise the amount needed to redeem for defibrillators, training y defibrillator accessories. And if you can not sell all the bracelets (something that has never happened), you can tame the collection for many emergency products or minimize the investment. Bracelets designed by Kukuxumusu with a price of 3 euros marked on each pack. The entities that collaborate with the school will be doing an action of great Social Responsibility that can save lives of their children, grandchildren, friends or acquaintances.

Defibrillators for schools and schools, pediatric defibrillation

Educational centers such as schools, colleges or universities, it is mandatory to have a semi-automatic external defibrillator for pediatric use. A defibrillator for children and adults with whom cardio ensure school or school. Schools are spaces where there is the possibility of sudden cardiac arrest, whether due to genetic reasons, accidents or choking.

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