Comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces

Comprehensive management service for cardi-protected spaces, which encompasses all the necessary steps and actions to install and maintain a cardioprotected space in perfect conditions of use, our integral service with which we reduce staff costs for our clients.

An integral cardioprotection service in renting modality that includes the management and installation, the complete defibrillator, the showcase, the signage, the civil responsibility insurance, administrative procedures, maintenance and the training of the human personnel for the use of the defibrillator, including all the necessary spare parts, in addition to the device for the automatic call to the 112 of emergencies, the electrode patches or the batteries, and all this included in a comfortable monthly fee, without any costs or unforeseen expenses.

We are approved installers of external defibrillators

The renting is the ideal modality to cardioproteger public and private spaces, our renting is a long-term rental contract, with a fixed monthly fee that includes the installation of the defibrillator and devices, all the procedures and expenses associated with the use and maintenance of the defibrillator, including accessories installed in the cardioprotected space.

We have rental formulas for the installation of defibrillators in hotels, shopping centers, sports areas, soccer fields, cities, stations, defibrillators for companies, buildings, neighborhood communities or homes. We are certified installers of cardioprotected spaces, we install defibrillators and components included in the regulations of each autonomous community.

What is included in the comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces?

Whether you already have a cardioprotected facility or want to install a new cardioprotected space in your company or field, our comprehensive service includes all costs related to the complete external defibrillator, including the costs of battery replacement, cabinet maintenance or showcase of the defibrillator, a service that includes the cost of the Official ILCOR signaling of situation and algorithm.

We help in the management of registration and registration of the defibrillator in the Autonomous Community where it resides through our consulting and consultancy service, it also includes training with approved course on the use of an external defibrillator for 8 people present in the company, training with course online for the rest of the workers (Unlimited), 10 million euro insurance

The profitability of our comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces

If you already have a cardioprotected space and only want to change providers, we will make a visit to evaluate the installation and prepare a customized budget. Considering that the renting of an entire cardioprotected space includes in the quota all the devices and services necessary to cardioprotect a space in time, including keeping all the devices in perfect conditions of use operative, and we compare it with the costs of purchasing the defibrillator and its accessories, with all the costs of installation, maintenance, administrative procedures, civil insurance or the expiration of batteries, the replacement of patches and electrodes, and all in the same period of time in which we want to hire the renting, we obtain a saving in favor of renting versus direct purchase, is saving es due to the discounts that the Salvavidas Project obtains when negotiating large volumes of purchase and service with our suppliers, which are transferred in savings in the customer's quota.

All our components and devices such as defibrillators are top quality, first-class devices tested and recognized internationally, devices endorsed in time and for their use.

Characteristics of the external defibrillator included in the comprehensive cardioprotection service

We have all the defibrillators of the main manufacturers of defibrillators, the portable defibrillators included in this renting are the defibrillator Zoll AED Plus and Defibrillator Zoll AED 3, chosen for two important reasons, for its characteristics or technical features and its easy handling.

Large high-resolution full-color touch screen with information on each step.

Same patch for adult and pediatric with direct button to change from Adult to Pediatric.

Possibility that the DEA / DESA remains vertical to the ground to be able to see the steps much better.

Connected at all times by WIFI and reporting to our central state equipment, battery and electrodes.

Download data in case of online use in order to be able to send the events as quickly as possible.

Patch with total help to improved CPR, indicating by voice messages if the compressions are correct or need to press harder. Color measurement bar to check compressions on the screen.

Adaptation of the discharge to the impedance of the patient, discharge more Joules if the person has larger size and less if the person is smaller.

Intelligent pediatric function

Long battery 5 years.

First intervener kit with scissors included.

Straight Biphasic Wave

If the location of the defibrillator is going to be mobile, or you just want to acquire a defibrillator in the modality of renting without any accessory, then you can expand the information or directly request a renting offer with the updated promotion price. For example, defibrillators for vehicles.

If you are looking for a defibrillator in particular, access our catalog of external defibrillators, where you will find the most sold in the market, write to us requesting information or consulting your doubts about models and characteristics of defibrillators.

Everything you need to be an approved cardi-safe space

The Certification of Cardioprotected Space is based on the control of FIVE differentiated sections:

The defibrillator with CE marking, the regulations of the autonomous community to which it belongs, the insurance and compliance with regulations for the sale of material.

The installation of showcase that protects the defibrillator, the distribution of the defibrillators if there were more than one, with the location and signage of easy / fast location.

Training and courses in public access to defibrillation, regulatory training according to regulations of the different autonomous communities.

Maintenance with computerized expiration control, both batteries and patches, renewal of patches and batteries.

Biannual renewal, compulsory training recycling.

Protection and surveillance of the defibrillator - Showcases, columns and totems for cardioprotected spaces

AVIA cabinets for defibrillators, AVIA 100 AVIA 200, AVIA Column and Totem

AIVIA is a solution designed and developed by PYRESCOM SAS, which complies with all CE requirements and standards. The AIVIA cabinets are adapted to different implantation environments, and gather advanced functions around the defibrillator so that it is available in optimal conditions of use.

To respond to all situations of the PAD (defibrillation access program), the full range of 10 models Showcases or cabinets for protection and surveillance of defibrillators offers numerous options and configuration options depending on the needs:
Free opening or protected access to the defibrillator Integrated telephony with hands-free system to call a configured emergency telephone (RTC, GSM).
Heating, ventilation and temperature control for the exterior. Remote and automatic control of the installations through the Internet.
Photo surveillance of the openings and monitoring of the defibrillator status.

We manage the personalization of indications, texts and own logos on the front of the showcase

The adhesive on the front shows, the survival chain and the pictograms related to the use of the AIVIA. In this adhesive, own logos and texts can be integrated to obtain the desired visual communication.

Signage for cardioprotected spaces

The rapid localization of the defibrillator before a cardiopulmonary stop is decisive to be successful in resuscitation or resuscitation of the patient, visual signs with signs that mark the fastest path to the point where the defibrillator is located. The rental of defibrillators includes all the necessary signage.

Cardioprotected spaces with defibrillator maintenance and training included

Our comprehensive service includes all expenses derived from the use and maintenance of the defibrillator and the entire facility, including the training of personnel according to the regulations of the autonomous community to which it belongs.

Standard maintenance with Renting: Includes all spare parts defibrillators ZOLL AED PLUS, ZOLL AED 3 and other brands, face-to-face visits, post-use management.

  • Assistance and maintenance, replacement of necessary accessories. Tel .: 900 670 112 or 911 250 500.

  • Expiration control of consumables.

  • Free courtesy equipment in case of use or maintenance

  • Annual visit of our technicians.

  • Software update if necessary according to the European Resuscitation Council.

  • Change of batteries and patches unlimited by use or expiration.

  • Includes Civil Liability insurance of 10 million euros, specific for defibrillators.

  • Includes anti-vandalism insurance.

  • Installation included.

We manage the maintenance and update of the external defibrillator

The availability of a defibrillator in perfect condition, well located and accessible, fulfilling maximum response times of 4 minutes, makes the cardioprotection service much more effective.

Computerized expiration control, check and data download

- Digital expiration control through which a warning is sent to proceed with its replacement.
- Periodic self-check of the defibrillator with audible warning in case of problems
- Dispatch of a courtesy defibrillator in case of failure in the following 24 hours
- Integral Maintenance with spare parts included
- Includes management in case of use and data download

The update of the cardioprotected space with the check-up of all the signage, showcase, is also included in our service.

Contract for management, training, maintenance and facilities for cardiosecure spaces

Basic pack with defibrillator included for cardioprotected spaces

Contract with a duration of 60 months. The renting of "Cardioprotected Space", certified by Lifeguard Project, is a package of services that includes the following elements:

Complete adult and pediatric defibrillator.

All maintenance and associated costs

Change of patches (by use or expiration)

Battery replacement (for wear)

Cabinet approved

Official signage game

Poster with SVB algorithm

24h support service

Liability insurance on 10 defibrillators millions of euros.

SPACE CARDIOPROTEGIDO (includes plate, vinyl, documentation, use of the logo ...)

Registration on websites: -

Advisors in the registry of each autonomous community

Training approved by the autonomous community

Basic pack with totem for AIVIA showcase

Contract with a duration of 60 months. The renting of a Cardioprotected space, certified by Lifeguard Project, is a package of services that includes the following elements and devices:

Complete external defibrillator for adult and pediatric

Aivia showcase with emergency call 112

Totem for external defibrillator

All maintenance with the costs associated with the use of the defibrillator and the installation

Change of patches (by use or expiration)

Battery replacement (for wear)

Basic approved showcase

Official signage game

Poster with SVB algorithm

24h support service

Liability insurance for defibrillators

SPACE CARDIOPROTEGIDO (includes plate, vinyl, documentation, use of the logo ...)

Registration on websites: -

Registration in the autonomous community

Basic pack with showcase and emergency call 112 on a personalized totem, training approved for 8 people and bonus to 100%

Economic, tax benefits and in the management of your defibrillator by our company

The renting of cardioprotected spaces includes the acquisition of all the devices, together with all the expenses associated with the use and maintenance of the cardioprotected space. It does not require an initial investment, and in a comfortable monthly installment, tax deductible and in full. Dispose of more liquidity, without fixed or unforeseen expenses related to the cardioprotected space. A fixed monthly fee without assuming the depreciation of the defibrillator. Personalized service 24 / 7

Form to request information about comprehensive service for defibrillators

Comprehensive management of external defibrillators

Form for the request of information about our service of management of external defibrillators, service of normative administration, homologation, advice, installation and maintenance of defibrillators. We offer external defibrillator management services to companies, institutions, entities, educational centers, shopping centers, neighborhood communities, hotels and towns, in order to offer you the customized formula. We have very interesting offers with special discounts in defibrillators if you already have the comprehensive service for defibrillators.

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