CardiAid AED defibrillator

Manufacturer: Cardiaid Model: CardiAid AED € Defibrillator price and features: Manufacturer Cardia International A / S Denmark DEA / DESA electromedical devices. Latest generation of defibrillators with CPR assistance. Price subsidized by the Lifeguard Project.

Cardia International A / S Defibrillators | CardiAid AED model

CardiAid AED defibrillators have a user guide with verbal and visual indications, clear instructions throughout the process, including CPR assistance with metronomic signals for maximum efficiency. CardiAid AED is completely safe to use, the electro shock produced by the defibrillator is not possible unless indicated as necessary by the CardiAid AED.

The CardiAid AED defibrillator provides the most effective treatment thanks to its detection algorithm, this defibrillator has integrated biphasic defibrillation technology, CardiAid AED is an innovative defibrillator that saves lives, a vital element in public and private spaces, schools, sports centers, companies and entities with the need to respond to sudden medical emergencies. The CardiAid AED defibrillator meets all the needs of individuals and medical emergency professionals, doctors and dentists; whose profession requires an automatic external defibrillator.

The chances of survival decrease by approximately 10% with every minute without defibrillation, CardiAid AED is an automatic defibrillator that turns on automatically simply by opening the defibrillator lid. CardiAid AED electrode patches come pre-connected helping to save time and make the process simpler for the user.

Automatic defibrillator with CPR support

This CardiAid AED defibrillator guides the user step by step with a combination of clear voice instructions, instructions with illustrations and lights for maximum efficiency. All steps are guaranteed to be applied accurately even if the accidental lifeguard has little knowledge in basic life support.

CardiAid works only with a shock button, a defibrillator without an on / off button, without wasting time. Cardia International A / S It combines precise ECG detection with a high sensitivity algorithm with defibrillation generation technology for effective resuscitation.

"Status indicator lights" provide an easy interpretation of the results of the self-test. CardiAid guides the user step by step with a combination of clear voice instructions, illustrations.

Portable defibrillator for pediatric and adult use

Pediatric treatment is available with pediatric electrodes, the CardiAid AED defibrillator automatically activates the pediatric mode. When special pediatric electrodes are plugged in, any non-essential function is omitted to perform defibrillation. The CardiAid AED defibrillator is always ready for any unpredictable situation, an AED with a high battery capacity capable of supporting up to 200 downloads / 20 hours of monitoring.

CardiAid Defibrillator Maintenance | CardiLink AED Program Manager

CardiAid stores the ECG and incident data with the maximum industry capacity: up to 4 events with a total duration of 3 hours. To minimize the responsibility of the owner and the risk of forgetting to charge the battery, CardiAid does not use a rechargeable battery. CardiAid supports more than 35 language options. Event and ECG data can be easily obtained through Bluetooth.

The defibrillator easily adapts to future changes in resuscitation patterns with configurable functions such as voice prompts, CPR duration, CPR sequence (30: 2 or only hands); and chest compression frequency (100 to 120 bpm).

Ready to communicate with the Cardilink® portal allowing to send data in real time. CardiLink® software shows the status of your devices on a real-time dashboard and analyzes your data for long-term monitoring and quality reports. CardiLink® provides a solution for all needs such as guaranteed uptime, fleet management, GPS tracking, emergency notifications, event monitoring and more. CardiAid AED defibrillation electrodes for adults and pediatric

Patches CardiAid AED defibrillator electrodes

The CardiAid automatic external defibrillator (DEA) is delivered with CardiAid defibrillation electrodes as a standard accessory. CardiAid AED evaluates the heart rate and offers the life-saving electro-shock through these special electrodes.

  • CA-10ES adult defibrillation electrodes are used for the CardiAid CT0207 AED
  • CR-13A adult defibrillation electrodes are used for CardiAid CT0207RS and CT0207RF AED
  • The CR-13P pediatric defibrillation electrodes are used for CardiAid CT0207RS and CT0207RF AED

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