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Cardiac Science

Powerheart G3

Cardiac Science Powerheart Defibrillator G3

Manufacturer: Cardiac Science® Model: Powerheart G3 Plus Price and Features: The AED offers three levels of selectable prompts, RescueCoach ™ Voice and Text Prompts

The performance of Rescue Ready® puts the Powerheart AED apart. Our Rescue Ready technology distinguishes us from our competitors. + Every day, to ensure its operation at all times, the DEA checks for itself its main components (battery, hardware, software and electrodes). + Each week, the DEA completes a partial load of its high voltage electronics. + Each month, the AED performs a maximum load of the high voltage electronics. If something goes wrong, the Rescue Ready status indicator on the handle changes from green to red and the device emits an audible warning to alert the user to service the unit. In short, a Powerheart DEA is Ready for Rescue when a life depends on it. Almost everyone can operate an AED Powerheart G3 Plus In the chaos that happens to sudden cardiac arrest, people who are worried, but who lack specific training, hesitate to intervene. Will they know what to do? There is a life at stake! We designed the Powerheart G3 Plus DEA with RescueCoach ™ voice prompts to talk to rescuers at every step. + When the rescuer applies the electrodes, the device analyzes the heart rate and knows when to perform (or not) the discharge. + The download occurs automatically, without having to press any button and without human intervention. (We also manufacture a semi-automatic version.) + After the download, the unit warns to do a CPR, with an integrated metronome that sets the correct rate of chest compressions. In a study of simulated rescues, at a University of Pennsylvania, the G3 Plus AED helped adults without specific training to give CPR of a quality similar to that of trained professionals. 1 1 Study by Benjamin

Appropriate locations

• Work centers
• Transportation
• Sports facilities
• Schools
• Stores and hotels
• Recreation facilities
• Cult centers
• Any public place

Main advantages Reliability.

The device is 'Rescue Ready®', which means that it checks itself daily to ensure it will work when needed.

Easy to use.

• The RescueCoach ™, through its voice prompts and its metronome, guides you through the harsh situation of a rescue.

• The device knows when it should (or should not) perform the download.

• The text screen is an extra help in noisy and chaotic environments. Warranty. The unit has a warranty of 7 years and the battery a full replacement guarantee of 4 year




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