Sale / renting defibrillator Cardiac Science Powerheart G5

Cardiac Science Powerheart Defibrillator G5

Manufacturer: Cardiac Science Model: Powerheart® G5 Features: The AED offers three levels of selectable indications, RescueCoach ™ voice and text indications

The Powerheart® G5 is indicated for the emergency treatment of victims who show symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest who do not respond and do not breathe, or do not breathe normally. If the patient breathes after resuscitation, the AED should be left connected to allow the capture and detection of their heart rate on the ECG. If a defibrillable ventricular tachyarrhythmia is repeated, the device is automatically charged and instructs the operator to administer a shock, or in the case of automatic DEA, to automatically apply the discharge when needed. In the case of a pediatric patient up to 8 years of age, or up to 25 kg in weight, the DEA Powerheart G5 should be used with pediatric defibrillation electrodes. Do not delay treatment by finding out the exact age or weight of the patient.

Cardiac Science Powerheart defibrillator sale G5 | Price and technical characteristics

Characteristics of the HeartStart HS1 defibrillator

The Powerheart G5 automatic external defibrillator (DEA) is designed to treat irregularities of the heart beat that pose a threat to the patient's life, such as ventricular fibrillation, which causes sudden cardiac arrest (CRP). There are two models available, the fully automatic and the semi-automatic. After placing the defibrillation electrodes on the patient, the fully automatic model evaluates the heart rate and, if a shockable rhythm is detected, gives a shock without help from the person in charge of resuscitation. The semiautomatic model evaluates the heart rate and requires the rescuer to press the discharge button if a shockable heart rhythm is detected. Both models have instructions by voice and text on the screen, which guide the rescuer throughout the defibrillation process.

Defibrillator Cardiac Powerheart G5 with defibrillation electrodes included

The defibrillator comes with the defibrillation electrodes installed. The electrodes are stored in a sealed package, ready to be used. The electrodes are self-adhesive and come with a cable attached and a connector for the transmission of the current and the ECG. The electrodes are disposable, dispose of them once used in a resuscitation. The electrodes have a limited validity period and should not be used after the expiration date. Always carry a pair of new and unopened electrodes plugged into the AED. The AED can identify the type of electrode and its expiration date. The AED is compatible with the following types of electrodes:

Electrodes for adults with CPR device
Pediatric electrodes

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation device (CPR)

The CPR device is about the size of the palm of your hand. Its anti-slip surface and its shape transfer the resuscitator's compressions to the patient's chest. The CPR device (included with the optional defibrillation electrodes with the CPR device) measures the depth and rhythm of chest compressions. The Powerheart G5 Defibrillator uses this information to guide you to achieve the proper compression rate and depth during CPR. Note: The use of the CPR device is optional. If you do not plan to use the CPR device, place it on a surface next to the patient. DO NOT attempt to undock the device from its cable. Contact the Cardiac Science customer service to order defibrillation electrodes for adults with the CPR device.

Defibrillator with Intellisense batteries

The Intellisense battery (model XBTAED001A) automatically saves the history of its operating time. The history of the battery can be viewed using the AED Manager software. Important: See Warnings and Precautions for important safety information.

What is the price of the Cardiac Powerheart external defibrillator G5 in The SalvaVidas Project?

The prices of the Cardiac G5 defibrillator in Internet can vary according to the expiration of the patches and batteries, the price of this defibrillator in our online store has expiration dates updated with software updates installed to the latest firmware version.

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