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DEA Mindray BeneHeart C2 Defibrillator

Manufacturer: Mindray Model: BeneHeart C2 DEA, € Defibrillator price and features: semi / fully automatic (automated external defibrillator). 

The BeneHeart C2 defibrillator knows what you need, it is a fast and effective defibrillator; When the rescuer is very nervous or inexperienced and takes time to apply the patches, ResQNaviTM is able to recognize the problem and provides more detailed instructions using animated graphics and voice. In non-professional rescue interventions, the ability of rescuers in the resuscitation process is highly variable. 

Mindray BeneHeart C2 AED Defibrillator with ResQNaviTM Technology

Based on extensive research on user behavior and psychological data, ResQNaviTM technology can identify the condition of each rescuer and provide appropriate step-by-step instructions for the rescuer in question throughout the resuscitation process.

The BeneHeart C2 defibrillator is a smart defibrillator, those lacking experience in resuscitation need more detailed advice, while overly complicated indications could reduce the efficiency of rescuers. 

Continuous process of support during the CPR process

ResQNaviTM provides comprehensive CPR navigation for rescuers in accordance with the latest AHA / ERC recommendations, to help them perform quality CPR.

- CPR mode can be set as 30: 2, 15: 2 and manual only.

- Easy change from Adult to Pediatric mode.

- CPR metronome

- Real-time CPR results *

- The stimuli from the CPR process can encourage the rescuer just as a personal trainer would and help save lives.


Defibrillator with QShockTM | First shock applied in less time

Every second that passes the defibrillation success rate decreases, the Mindray BeneHeart C2 defibrillator is equipped with the new QShockTM technology. With this technology the BeneHeart C2 defibrillator can increase the chances that a defibrillation will give better results; delivery of the first shock takes less than 8 seconds.

QShockTM not only greatly shortens power-up time and heart rate analysis, but also performs synchronous preload in the heart rate analysis process. Once the rhythm analysis is complete, power can be supplied immediately, so that victims are shocked as soon as possible, and rescuers work with less stress.

Defibrillation up to 360 joules depending on the impedance of the victim

The BeneHeart C series of defibrillators integrates 360 J biphasic technology with automatic compensation based on patient impedance, increasing the chance of success in the most difficult defibrillation cases. If using a manual defibrillator capable of increasing the energy level, raising the level for the second and subsequent shocks may be considered.

A larger study showed that refibrillation completion rates decreased when using repeated 200 J shocks, except when selecting a higher energy level (360 J). Human studies have not found damage (elevated biomarkers, ECG changes, ejection fraction) produced by any biphasic waveform up to 360 J. 

AED defibrillator resistant to shocks and adverse weather conditions

BeneHeart C2 has passed a series of rigorous tests, the DEA C2 defibrillator can confidently cope with various situations in harsh environments, 1,5m drop resistance, IP55 water and dust resistance, meets the standards for helicopter transport and Other means, the BeneHeart C1A defibrillator is equipped with high-quality consumable accessories. Batteries and patches have a life cycle of up to 5 years, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

AED defibrillators with wifi and 4G data connection

The AED-AlertTM system helps managers manage AED devices remotely and centrally using advanced technology, and replaces manual inspection with automatic testing, to reduce daily maintenance costs. AED-AlertTM provides comprehensive device status reminders to ensure AEDs are always ready to use, reducing daily maintenance risks. 

The BeneHeart C2 defibrillator can work with Wi-Fi or 4G to connect in AED-AlertTM usage environments.

- Global vision of all AEDs

- Notification of DEA failures

- Battery and patch expiration reminder

- Electronic fence 


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