Saver One Defibrillator

Manufacturer: Ami Italy Model: Saver One € Defibrillator price and features: Automatic and semi-automatic external defibrillator designed to be easy to use.

Ami Italy manufacturer of external defibrillators, has a wide range of defibrillators practical and easy to transport, highly reliable and effective in emergency situations of sudden cardiac arrest. The Saver One is an external defibrillator designed to be easy to use for anyone: rescue equipment or professionals. Saver One defibrillators are optimized for use in environments and extreme conditions, guarantee a fast and effective defibrillation for each emergency.

Saver One defibrillator with automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator mode

An intuitive and easy-to-use defibrillator with a simple design, guides the user through instructions with clear and calm voice. This defibrillator offers help and guidance of CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation with a metronome to adjust the rhythm of compressions. This defibrillator is a robust and practical device, it is solid and extremely light, it is a defibrillator resistant to impacts and falls (clause IEC 60601-1 21). The Saver One defibrillator has an IP54 protection against dust and water (EN 60529).

Is the battery not charged?

Precise and intelligent Saver One has an intelligent algorithm capable of detecting arrhythmias in less than 10 seconds; a defibrillator that analyzes all the different characteristics of the ECG and identifies the discharge rhythms (FV / TV) that need a fast and efficient discharge, the defibrillator is loaded in ≤5 seconds for an early defibrillation. The energy supplied with BTE technology has a very effective biphasic wave that adapts to the patient's thoracic impedance. Saver One defibrillators perform automatic self-tests (daily, monthly, semi-annual); Provided with status LEDs indicating the status of the device, it is important to check the battery status.

The Saver One defibrillator helps CPR with clear and precise indications

The Saver One is a public access defibrillator PAD with 3 universal steps (turn on, place the electrodes and defibrillate). This defibrillator is a team of great benefits; It is solid, lightweight and small (weighs less than 2 kg) with comfortable carrying handle. This model of defibrillator has a small backlit information screen, the defibrillator is indicating the maneuvers with light illustrations, this defibrillator has a sensor that detects if it is connected to an adult or a child automatically through the electrodes connection.

Even users with minimal training can use a Saver One defibrillator quickly in just 3 steps:

1. Turn on

2. Place patches

3. Defibrillate

The Saver One defibrillator sells the standard pack that includes the defibrillator, battery, electrodes, manual, and case, or included the complete kit that also includes another set of replacement electrodes and the CPR Kit (red short scissors, shaver, mask mouth mouth, alcohotiras and nitrile gloves). For the complete Kit consult price on the free phone 900 670 112.

Special features of the Saver One defibrillator

Saving a life can be easier than we imagined, with the defibrillator Saver One cardiorespiratory resuscitation a little easier, this defibrillator is available both for sale and in renting of defibrillators, then the most remarkable features of this external defibrillator Saver One.

  • Metronome to address the compressions of the CPR.
  • Download protocols for customizable adults.
  • Automatic daily self-test with defibrillator status indicators.
  • Various optional configurations.
  • A long "beep" sound.
  • A "Tac-Tac" sound during the execution of the automatic test.
  • Audible / visible message.
  • The green LED remains fixed.

External defibrillator available in the form of renting or purchase of Saver One defibrillators, buy this defibrillator with all guarantees and expiration dates updated.

Form for purchase or renting of external defibrillator with registration of the Autonomous Community

Sale or renting of external defibrillators with support in the registry of its Autonomous Community

Form for the purchase of external defibrillators of the main brands of the market with support for their registration in the different autonomous regions of Spain, we have all models of approved defibrillators for use in Spain. If you are interested in getting more information about how buy or rent an external defibrillator DEA / DESA and benefit from our offers and promotions in defibrillation devices, write us requesting a purchase or renting offer. We are official distributors of the main brands and we sell defibrillators to organizations, companies and individuals. The renting of external defibrillators includes, civil insurance, maintenance, spare parts, registration and training for their use. If you want to know more we will be happy to inform you.

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