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Anti-shock defibrillator, resistant and reliable

Zoll AED Pro Defibrillator

Zoll AED Pro Defibrillator

Manufacturer: Zoll Model: AED PRO € Defibrillator price and characteristics: US manufacturer number 1 in automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), designed to work in any critical situation, shockproof defibrillator used by the military in combat. 

ZOLL® AED Pro® is an automatic external defibrillator for healthcare use in hospitals, ambulances or rescue teams in critical emergency situations, the AED Pro is a defibrillator that provides the necessary information to the person performing the resuscitation, so that can perform optimal CPR.

A defibrillator that improves CPR with indications on the quality of compressions

The AED Pro has a real-time bar graph display that shows the depth of chest compressions so you can improve the quality of CPR. In the case of shallow CPR chest compressions, the device will indicate “Push More”. The screen also displays a visual and audible prompt to optimize compressions. A "Good compressions" message reinforces the high quality of compressions.

External defibrillator and monitor designed for BLS and ALS rescuers

The AED Pro has been designed to offer both basic and advanced life support in emergency medical situations, a device for use in hospitals and rescue teams in critical emergency situations.

Defibrillator with personalized patient monitoring

The AED Pro not only offers advanced CPR information, but also has a monitor of the patient's vital signs, which can be configured or customized according to needs.

The AED Pro defibrillator allows basic monitoring using ECG electrodes.

The flexible operating modes allow the health care provider or rescuer to apply the manual control for advanced adjustment, including the graphic display of the heart rate.

The compatibility of the battery and the electrodes saves time and costs. The AED Pro defibrillator offers flexibility to meet the needs of restrooms and rescue teams. A versatile and compatible defibrillator that can choose between a long-lasting non-rechargeable battery or one of two rechargeable batteries, with different durations.

Zoll AED PRO defibrillator for medical rescue teams, the automatic defibrillator of choice for military medical teams in critical situations

The AED Pro is an all-terrain defibrillator, both for outdoor use and in hospitals or ambulances, the AED Pro ensures patient safety and improves the patient's chances of survival in critical emergency situations.

An anti-shock defibrillator with an impact-resistant housing

A safe defibrillator in any situation, military organizations around the world rely on the AED Pro external defibrillator in combat situations, national military training and basic medical transport. AED Pro AW has been approved for use on board military aircraft. Specifically designed for military units operating on the front lines, it has been approved by USAARL for use on all helicopters in combat situations. The AED Pro and AED Pro AW pass the 1,5 meter drop test, and are the only automated external defibrillators rated IP55 for protection against ingress of dust and water. The AED Pro is extremely robust, impact resistant and temperature tolerant and features a defibrillator housing made of siloxane-polycarbonate resin, the same material used to make helmets for professional sports.

Defibrillator AED Pro, defibrillator Zoll for rescue teams and medical emergencies in critical situations, shock defibrillators
Anti-shock defibrillator


RBW the real difference in external defibrillation

Rectilinear Biphasic ™ (RBW) was specifically designed for external defibrillation to control variations in impedance in the patient. RBW provides the maximum possible average current for optimal duration. Only the ZOLL RBW has demonstrated clinical statistical superiority over monophasic wavelengths in randomized trials, as well as in supporting data from more than 11.500 patients.


Transfer plus immediate and customizable data storage | Special features

The AED Pro defibrillator has a storage capacity of up to 5,8 hours of complete event data, the AED Pro can be configured to record up to four rescues. Rescuers can pre-configure the defibrillator to record between one and four events depending on the established protocol. This flexibility allows the defibrillator to stay operational for longer, maximizing productivity and reducing costs.

The AED Pro is compatible with ZOLL's RescueNet® range of data collection options, including RescueNet Code Review and RescueNet CaseReview.


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Buy an automated external defibrillator for all uses

Nurses can see a patient's ECG to assess their status and obtain CPR information in real time for a better quality of resuscitation. The electrodes can be quickly transferred to another ZOLL defibrillator when the stopping car arrives.

Police, fire and ambulance vehicles appreciate this portable, lightweight, compact and durable defibrillator, a defibrillator appreciated for its BLS and ALS monitoring and its capabilities as an automatic defibrillator.

Download HERE the user manual of the defibrillator Zoll AED PRO


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