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Defibrillator display case

AIVIA approved cabinets for defibrillators

Defibrillator display cases

AIVIA approved display cabinets to protect and monitor the use of the defibrillator, opening control, alarm, heating, with 3G connection for remote access.


Cabinets and cabinets that guarantee the protection of the installed defibrillators


The AIVIA showcase protects the portable defibrillator it houses, in the same way as the so-called protection models, and it also has an optical sensor that guarantees, automatically, the visual monitoring of the status indicator of the external defibrillator.

Characteristics of the AIVIAnet showcases

AIVIAnet is an application that allows remote monitoring of closet / defibrillator assemblies. It provides information to users about the status of the defibrillator, its environment and possible incidents.

Accessible from any computer connected to the Internet 
Access protected by user and password Multilingual 
Customer park tracking table
Visualization of the alerts by color code Geolocation of the AIVIA 
Differentiated signaling of the actions to be carried out 
Event history (traceability) 
Configuration of associated alert functions (emails, SMS) 
Configuration of the users and groups of users (N ° identifiers) 
Visualization of the photographs recovered during the opening or removal of the defibrillator 
Retrieval of statistical data (extraction to Excel) 
AIVIA configuration and diagnosis program 
Power supply to the 24 VCC power grid. 
Rechargeable emergency battery to guarantee vital functions (opening, telephony). 
GSM Telephony Requires a SIM card and a contract with a telephone operator, at the customer's expense. 
Aivia 100 battery Power supply with 4 LR20 batteries supplied, for lighting and alarm functions. 
Protected opening. 
Opening the door by code or RFID card reader. 
Audible alarm Activates with the opening (from 70 to 50 dB to 1 m, depending on the model). 
Heating and regulated ventilation Maintenance of a positive temperature of the efficient DEA up to -20 ° C. 
Lighting and alarm Lighting by detection. 
Local visual alarm that reports anomalies. 
Telephone system Analogue hands-free telephony. 
3G Allows the communication of the AIVIA with the AVIAnet server in substitution of an Ethernet link. 
Operation Permanent control of the defibrillator waiting indicator. 
Transmission of AIVIA alerts and alarms. 
Thermal glass 
Polycarbonate door with surface treatment to attenuate the greenhouse effect. 
Pila Aivia M 3.6V 
Aivia net Allows remote monitoring of the closet and defibrillator in real time. 
Internet of Things LRWA Network (Long Range Wild Area). 
Useful life Autonomy of 36 months. 
RFID reader 
Traceability of maintenance operations. 
Photocontrol and infrared objective, taking pictures during the opening and removal of the defibrillator, transmission and storage of the photos on AIVIAnet.


Approved defibrillator display cases

Wall cabinet for DAE External Automatic Defibrillator AIVIA "S" Presentation The AIVIA "S" wall cabinet has been developed to house the defibrillator and for its installation indoors. With an aesthetic objective, light and robust, the AIVIA "S" cab is made up of 2 well-differentiated parts: - The polycarbonate front part. - The ABS housing. These materials used in many sectors, including the automotive industry, have characteristics of surprising shock resistance. Access to the DAE is protected by opening sealing adhesives.

Signaling On the front is the survival chain as well as three explicit pictograms that perfectly show how they are used.




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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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