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Courses to be an instructor on the use of defibrillators

Bonusable training up to 100% by the Tripartite Foundation

Instructor course for the use of external defibrillators and basic life support

The objective of the instructor course in SVB and DEA is to acquire the knowledge and skills to organize, impart and guarantee the quality of the SVB courses authorized by the SEMICYUC PNRCP.


Once the course has been completed, 2 will have to do tutored practices in SVB courses of the SEMICYUC PNRCP (Each practice will cost 100 €). To register read the complete information about the course and see the section "Conditions to be an instructor".

You can formalize the enrollment once authorized by the course director. Bonus course up to 100%. Access to the ANEK S3 job bank and the Lifeguard Project. 


Characteristics of Basic Life Support Instructor and defibrillation

Mixed character course, with a face-to-face and non-face-to-face component, according to the latest recommendations of the ERC, approved by the PNRCP of the Spanish Society of Intensive, Critical and Coronary Medicine (SEMICYUC) and accredited by the continuing education commission, with 2,8 CFC, to health professionals who are not currently in training.

Remote module: from 6 hours duration. It will start before face-to-face training, by sending the Monitor manual in SVB and DEA and the self-evaluations.
Face-to-face module: of 8 hours of duration, in the form of theoretical-practical workshops where the knowledge and skills acquired in the face-to-face phase will be consolidated.
Special prices for groups, hospitals, universities, professional associations, clinics, residences and mutual societies.
Job bank for instructors trained with the life-saving project.


  1. Qualify the necessary number of SVB and DEA Instructors to cover the teaching needs.

  2. Acquire the knowledge and skills to organize, impart and guarantee the quality of the SVB and DEA courses authorized by the SEMICYUC PNRCP.



The course aims to ensure that the candidate acquires sufficient knowledge and skills to teach and evaluate the techniques of SVB and DEA according to the rules established by the PNRCP, in such a way that the future instructor acquires:

Adequate information on the teaching methodology of the SVB and DEA.
Opportunity to develop teaching techniques in the theoretical, practical and effective aspects.
Knowledge about methodology for the evaluation of knowledge in SVB and DEA.
Knowledge of the CPR training chain.
Mastery of the subjects that are included in the courses of SVB and DEA.
Knowledge of the basic concepts of adult education, their motivation, the methodology of teaching and learning.
Serve as "Model-Guide" for students in all the techniques of the SVB and DEA.
Know the mannequins, their maintenance, decontamination and training AEDs.
Disseminate the techniques of CPR, among the general population.
Disseminate basic rules for the prevention of sudden cardiac death and accidental death.



  1. Fundamental concepts in SVB.
  2. Teaching methodology.
  3. Teaching material.
  4. Teaching of the practical classes of SVB and DEA.
  5. Content and programming of a SVB and DEA provider course.



Teaching material in SVB and DEA
Teaching methodology of the SVB and DEA techniques.
theoretical and practical evaluation.



According to the latest recommendations of the SEMICYUC PNRCP.
Nª students per course: maximum 24 students.
Teachers: PNRCP instructors with extensive experience in emergency emergencies and life support courses of the PNRCP.
Reduced practical classes: maximum groups of 1 instructor for each 8 students



To be able to enroll in the course you must:

  1. Have the qualification of a health profession or be studying the last year of medicine, nursing, nursing assistant or emergency technician.
  2. The first interveners and people with continued dedication to teaching in CPR, may register if they are authorized by the SEMICYUC.
  3. Have passed a course of (provider) SVB and DEA, SVI or SVA approved by the PNRCP of SEMICYUC with less than 2 years old.
  4. For SVB and DEA courses held since the 1 of January of 2017, have been proposed as "potential instructor" by the SVB and DEA course director.
  5. To be admitted to the course, you must accredit the previous points previously to the course director.  



To obtain the title of instructor in SVB and DEA the student must:

Attend the 100% of the course and pass the theoretical-practical evaluations. At that time, the student will become "Candidate for instructor in SVB and DEA".
The "Candidate for instructor in SVB and DEA" will have to practice in 2 courses of SVB approved by SEMICYUC and supervised by another PNRCP instructor. After which, if you are considered "Apt", you will obtain the diploma that accredits you as Instructor in SVB and DEA of the SEMICYUC PNRCP during 4 years.
The renewal of the certificate will be automatic for the health graduates if a minimum of one year or 3 courses authorized by the PNRCP in the last 2 years are taught in that period of time.

Extensive experience, training instructors in SVB and DEA to help SALVAR VIDAS, spreading knowledge and skills in SVB to the population. Register and become part of the LIFE PROJECT Labor Exchange

Instructor course price in SVB and DEA: 95 €.

We adapt the course to the client's needs, dates and times.

 INFORMATION REQUEST Request information so that we can carry out a course in your company, hospital, university ... Or if you prefer, sign up for the next editions of the courses, in an open classroom.


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