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Formulas to obtain a free defibrillator

Subsidized external defibrillators

Free defibrillators with the solidarity bracelets of the SalvaVidas Project

Free automatic and semi-automatic external defibrillators with the solidarity formulas of the SalvaVidas and Vending bracelets for companies or institutions. Acquire an approved portable defibrillator totally free with all the guarantees. The cardioprotection of spaces without investment with solidarity bracelets for defibrillators, is the formula used to cardioprotect spaces with few resources or without a budget for health security. Free defibrillators is an ideal formula for the cardioprotection of schools, nurseries, and schools in general, it serves to cardioprotect municipalities, sports facilities, gyms, sports clubs and a long list of spaces. 

Defibrillator without investment with our Vending for companies

The vending formula for portable defibrillators is an interesting modality to obtain a defibrillator through the benefit of vending that is consumed in the company, a way to contribute to health security within the company. A cardioprotected workplace is an investment in the company itself. Free defibrillators with our Cardiovending for companies and entities. The cardioprotection of companies reinforces the corporate social responsibility of the brand, the care of employees and company visitors against sudden death increases the positive perception of the company by the workers.



Free Defibrillators | CardioVending Lifeguard

With your consumption in the vending machines of your workplace, you are helping to maintain a defibrillator that can save the life of a colleague, a friend, a client or your own. Request the Lifeguard Vending service for companies totally free, and you will have a defibrillator and the necessary training to save a life and all thanks to your consumption in the vending machines.

defibrillator free

Free defibrillators | Formula "Life-saving Bracelets"

Las Bracelets Salvavidas is a solidarity formula to acquire a free defibrillator through the solidarity of your community, solidarity bracelets designed by Kukuxumusu with a price of 3 euros marked on each pack. They incorporate barcode.


Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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