Free defibrillators | Healthy Vending Lifesaver

With your consumption in the vending machines of your workplace, you are helping to maintain a defibrillator that can save the life of a partner, a friend, a client or your own. Request totally free Lifeguard Vending service for companies, and you will have a defibrillator and the necessary training to save a life and all thanks to your consumption in the vending machines.

Healthy vending machines with a built-in automatic defibrillator

Our healthy Vending includes everything necessary to comply with the premise of being a healthy company, a company committed to the health and well-being of its workers, with job security to prevent accidents at work, it is a company perceived as an ethical company and reliable, without a doubt cardioproteger to all employees and clients strengthens the corporate image of the company.

Vending and coffee machines with built-in defibrillators, healthy vending for the healthy company.

Healthy vending for the healthy business

The vending machines for fruits and healthy foods, together with cardioprotection against sudden death, offer a safe and healthy working space for all employees. A balanced diet is one of the factors that contribute most to a healthy life.

Advantages of Cardio Vending Lifeguard

1. In addition to consuming healthy products and eating a balanced diet, you help save lives at no cost to the company.

2. A defibrillator is not a good for the company or entity, the beneficiaries are all people who may suffer a cardiac arrest.

3. Consume for life, through your consumption in vending you will collaborate in the possibility of saving the life of an acquaintance, a relative or your own.

4 Vending Lifeguard is a kit that composes everything necessary to act before a cardiorespiratory stop (Defibrillators, Connections, Training, Showcase, Integral Control, Maintenance ...

* Request the installation in the vending machines that you already have or create new areas of Lifeguard Vending.

5. Contact and get informed on the 911 250 500 phone or through the following form.

Download here our informative brochure about vending with defibrillator

Form to request information Bracelets SalvaVidas & Vending for companies

Free external defibrillators

Form for the request of information or query of doubts about the Bracelets SalvaVidas and Vending for companies by external defibrillators If you want more information on how to obtain a defibrillator free of charge for cardioprotection of public or private spaces. The Lifeguard bracelets and Vending are formulas for cardioproteger companies, schools, cultural centers, sports facilities, sports clubs, shopping centers and a long etcetera of spaces with vending and solidarity bracelets.

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