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External defibrillators in Asturias

Legislation on the use and installation of defibrillators

Asturias Defibrillator Regulations

Regulations on external defibrillators in Asturias

Regulation / obligation of installation and use of external defibrillators in Asturias, regulation on the installation, use and training of defibrillators, characteristics of cardioprotected spaces and maintenance of the defibrillator.


Regulations that regulate external defibrillators in Asturias

The decree 54 / 2016, of 28 of September, of the Principality of Asturias, has for object to regulate the conditions of installation and use of the sanitary technology called automated external defibrillators in the non-sanitary field to attend the possible cardiorespiratory stops that may take place in its environment, as well as determine the training program and the accreditation procedure of the personnel that will be able to make use of this technology and the training entities in this matter.


According to this decree 54 / 2016, of 28 of September, of the Principality of Asturias, they will be obliged to have a defibrillator:

The shopping centers that have a built surface for the exhibition and sale to the public superior to 2.500 m2.

Transportation facilities such as airports and commercial ports, bus or railway stations of populations of more than 50.000 inhabitants, and train or bus stations with an average daily influx equal to or greater than 2.000 persons.

The establishments, premises and facilities in which public spectacles and recreational activities are developed, with authorized capacity superior to 750 persons.

Sports facilities in which the average daily influx of users is equal to or greater than 500 people.


Those who have an external defibrillator, either by obligation or self-interest, must communicate this provision to the competent Ministry, indicating the data of the same as, manufacturer, name, model, serial number, location of the installation, among others.

In addition, two sets of patches must be available, adequately signal the location of the defibrillator and its rules of use, as well as provide the necessary training to the personnel in charge of its handling and carry out the appropriate revisions and maintenance.

The use of the external defibrillator implies immediate notification to the emergency department 1-1-2 in order to guarantee continuity of care and medical control over the affected person. The attendance sheet must also be filled in and subsequently sent to the unit responsible for coordinating care for emergencies and health emergencies.


Who can use a defibrillator in Asturias?

As is logical, all health personnel are trained to use it, but also those persons who accredit, by means of the corresponding evaluation tests, the necessary knowledge and skills, without prejudice to the non-negligent use in extreme situations of citizens in general. 

Who can complete the training to use a defibrillator in Asturias?

All those persons of legal age and in disposition of the title of Compulsory Secondary Education, School Graduate or equivalent that is interested in said formation.

The courses must be taught by an entity authorized by the Ministry, with a minimum duration of 6 hours for a maximum of 24 students per instructor in the theoretical part and 8 in the practical part, being valid the accreditation for 3 years, having to renew it then with a course of 3 hours.


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