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Regulations of La Rioja on external defibrillators

Decree 8 / 2019 La Rioja - Cardioprotection

Defibrillator regulations La Rioja

External defibrillator regulations in La Rioja | Decree 8 / 2019

The past 8 of May of 2019 (with entry into force the 9 of May), was published in the OFFICIAL BULLETIN OF LA RIOJA - BOR, the 8 / 2019 decree of 3 day of May, which regulates the installation and Use of external semiautomatic defibrillators outside the health field in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

This decree modifies and repeals the previous decree 48 / 2008 of the 18 of July, by which the La Rioja were ruled both for the installation and for the use of a defibrillation device.


Analysis of the most important novelties of this new decree 8/2019 on cardioprotection


Who can buy an external semi-automatic defibrillator in La Rioja according to the regulations?


Anyone can buy or install a defibrillator in their facilities, the only conditions that must be met are to register the defibrillation equipment of discharge in the Administration of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, also must maintain it according to the maintenance conditions that the decree explains 8 / 2019.

We recall that in the area of ​​health, the Health Department of La Rioja can perform periodic inspections to check the status of defibrillators, so it is important to maintain them and that everything is in accordance with current legislation.


Who can use a DEA defibrillator in La Rioja?


In order to use a semi-automatic external defibrillator throughout the Community of La Rioja, an initial theoretical and practical course of 8 hours on CPR and the use of defibrillators must pass two tests: one theoretical and one practical. The program of this formation is detailed in this new decree, but we can say that practically there is no change with respect to the previous legislation.


Training in CPR and use of external semiautomatic defibrillators becomes indefinite


One of the most important modifications of this new decree is the definitive accreditation in training

So far, the accreditation was valid for 2 years. After that time, it had to be renewed with a course of 4 hour of duration, but that is already history, from the application of this new regulation, the accreditation of the training will have indefinite character, that is to say, it is no longer necessary to carry out the renewal course.


Personally, I must say that I do not think that this aspect is a success, although it is true that the use of a defibrillator is very simple, we must not forget that it is an electro-medical device that is complementary to CPR, and that if we do not remember the protocol for performing these resuscitation maneuvers, we will have problems when using them.


Can a person without accreditation use an external semiautomatic defibrillator in La Rioja?


If at the time the use of a defibrillator is needed there is no person with accreditation, the equipment could be used in an exceptional way provided that the 112 emergency and health emergency coordinator center authorizes it.

You have to remember that it's still required the filling of the "sheet of registration of use of a defibrillator DEA DESA", after each use the information is sent to Rioja Salud.


REDESA Registry of External Semiautomatic Defibrillators of La Rioja


As a result of this new decree, the "Registry of external semiautomatic defibrillators of La Rioja (REDESA) is created.

This record of defibrillators will include the following information:

-Section of installed equipment (location and access time included)

-Section of authorized personnel for its use

-Section of persons and entities authorized for training


(We remind that the Lifeguard Project is accredited as an academy authorized by the Ministry of Health of La Rioja, for training in the use of defibrillators throughout the Community)

The Public Administration will assign this registry of DESA defibrillators to the 112 emergency service for consultation and use, will share with RiojaSalud, which will make it public on its internet portal.

This registration model already exists in the Basque Country, and is updated, consulted and downloaded every month by many people who are interested in knowing where to access a DESA defibrillator.


We also highlight Annex I of this new decree on the minimum equipment that should exist along with the defibrillator:

  1. Communication telephone with 112.
  2. External semi-automatic defibrillator with two sets of patches and computerized registration system


  1. Hair shavers, gauze and scissors.
  2. Face Mask
  3. Self-inflatable ball
  4. Oropharyngeal cannulas of different sizes.

The first point is important: the facilities where the DESA defibrillator is placed must have a telephone from which you can contact the 112 SOS Rioja.

Although this point is not important for those teams located in closed facilities (it is normal for virtually everyone to have access to a telephone), it is vital for those defibrillators that are installed on public roads (town squares, for example).

It incorporates the obligation to dispose in the kit of the first intervener of shavers (for body hair), gauze (to dry the body in case it is wet and treatment of hemorrhages) and scissors (Preferably short clothes to facilitate access to the chest of the person to be treated).

A face mask (barrier method), self-inflating balloon (known as AMBÚ) and oropharyngeal cannulas (Guedel's cannulas) must also be found on each device.


Conclusions on this new decree 8 / 2019 of La Rioja


The new legislation has good things and not so good things, like many decree in other Autonomous Communities of Spain. But if it is true that I personally think that the mandatory non-existence of recycling is an important black point, since the guidelines for how to perform a CPR with defibrillator, not used every day, we forget.

In the recycling I have done over the years, the students have unanimously declared that recycling is fundamental, and that it should be every 2 maximum, so I think it is a step backwards in this new regulation of The Rioja. Even so, clients with defibrillators have been contacted, who have told us that they will continue to carry out these recyclations for the staff, a good indication of the awareness of cardioprotection and the importance of being well trained in a case of sudden death or cardiorespiratory arrest.


DOWNLOAD REGULATIONS that regulate the use of semi-automatic external defibrillators in La Rioja


Jorge Garcia

North Zone Lifeguard Instructor

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