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Regulations on defibrillators in the Community of Madrid

DECREE 78 / 2017, of 12 of September, of the Council of Government, by which regulates the installation and use of external defibrillators outside the sanitary field and its Registry is created.

Defibrillator regulations in Madrid

Defibrillator regulations in the Community of Madrid

Regulation / obligation of installation and use of external defibrillators in Madrid, legislation on training in external defibrillators, facilities for cardioprotected spaces and their maintenance in the Madrid community.


Regulation and obligation to install defibrillators in the Community of Madrid


In Madrid the decree 78 / 2017 regulates the regulations on use, installation, and training for the use of defibrillators throughout the Madrid community, devices against sudden death we have seen on occasion at the airport, shopping centers, the street, in the subway, or even if we are lucky, in our own place of work. Anyone can get a defibrillator following the requirements of the decree at the private or public level.


Notable characteristics of the Madrid regulation on cardioprotection

The regulations indicate that an initial course of 4 hours of duration must be passed in order to obtain the official defibrillator management accreditation with specific content and characteristics; the training center must be authorized, number of students per instructor, student evaluation, student registration, necessary material for the internship, course renewal.

The defibrillators that are located in public spaces are accessible to the general public and their use is allowed if we do not have the official accreditation, they are usually video-surveillance and connected to the 112, the idea is that they are helpful in an emergency situation and used by non-medical personnel that can help in a cardiac arrest that is when they should be used until the arrival of professional emergency teams.

Spaces where there is an obligation to install defibrillators in Madrid

There are certain places in the Community of Madrid that, due to their characteristics and their influx of people, according to the regulations on defibrillators are obliged to have an approved defibrillator and its maintenance, it is required to have trained personnel in addition to recording all the data that indicate the requirements to register the defibrillator. However, if these characteristics are not given, only its installation is recommended, but not the obligation.

Article 3 indicates the spaces or places where defibrillators must be installed in a mandatory manner. (see fines and penalties for breach of the rule)

In addition to the regulation of defibrillators and their training, the decree aims to achieve a higher survival rate for sudden death and greater voluntary participation by all citizens, whether at the private, public or private level.

New deadline for compliance with Order 1158/2108 for dental clinics in Madrid, extension until August 21, 2020

Order 1158/2018 of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid regulates the general and specific technical requirements of dental clinics, this order established an initial period of 18 months for the cardioprotection of dental clinics, which ended in May 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many dental clinics in Madrid have not been able to comply with the requirements of the standard, due to the closure of companies and dental clinics in Madrid during the state of alarm.


Madrid defibrillators regulation for cardioproteger dental clinics

In the community of Madrid, ORDER 1158 / 2018, DE 7 OF NOVEMBER requires centers where "interventional techniques in diagnostic activities or treatment and / or drug administration" have basic means of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The material for Basic Life Support (BLS) of a general nature for the care of emergencies or cardiopulmonary complications will be at least:

  1. Self-inflating bag-balloon with oxygen reservoir and final respiratory pressure valve
  2. Basic devices for airway management
  3. Oxygen
  4. Medication to solve an emergency situation

Of course, the staff of the clinic must be trained in Basic Life Support. As a specific requirement, dental clinics that perform surgical activities will have:

  1. Previous basic material.
  2. Automated external defibrillator (AED)


Madrid requires the installation of defibrillators in dental clinics throughout the Community


Health centers and services that would have been authorized and that were functioning prior to the date of entry into force of this Order, will have a term of eighteen months to adapt to the requirements established therein to count from its entry into force (December 2018). 

Therefore, you have until August 21, 2020 to comply with the regulations. Therefore, we advise you to advise yourself well before buying a defibrillator. It is important that you know that there are defibrillators for ALL cardiac arrests like the ZOLL AED PLUS. Read more about dental clinics and defibrillators in Madrid.


DOWNLOAD REGULATIONS regulating the use of external defibrillators in dental clinics in Madrid


Cardioprotection services to the entire Community of Madrid

Our company offers installation and maintenance services for DEA defibrillators, facilities approved according to Madrid regulations, comprehensive management service for cardioprotection with advice, training and repair of defibrillators, everything necessary to comply with the regulations of the autonomous community of Madrid.

In the Community of Madrid We offer services of sale and renting of defibrillators in Madrid, repair, management, registration and installation of external defibrillators, we are a certified maintenance company, we also offer approved training on the use of external defibrillators and first aid for companies or entities, face-to-face courses at the company's facilities.

The ZOLL AED PLUS defibrillator is an excellent model. It offers the best treatment to the victim and the best help to the rescuer, being therefore leader in the market. Whoever revives has the support of the AED at all times with the help of CPR through textual comments and voice in real time on the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In the Lifeguard Project you will also find an oxygen therapy briefcase specially designed for these initial situations and with adequate measures to discreetly keep space and be transported easily. 

If you need advice or have any questions, get in touch with our technical team. We will be happy to advise you.


DOWNLOAD REGULATIONS that regulate the use of automated external defibrillators in Madrid


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