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Melilla defibrillators regulations

Regulations on external defibrillators in Melilla

The purpose of this royal decree is to regulate the minimum conditions and requirements for the use and maintenance of external semi-automatic defibrillators outside the sanitary field, in Melilla.

For the purposes of this royal decree, external semiautomatic defibrillator (DESA) is understood as the medical device intended to analyze the heart rhythm, identify the deadly tributary arrhythmias of defibrillation and administer an electric shock in order to restore the viable heart rhythm with high levels of security. This definition also includes so-called automatic external defibrillators.

It is necessary to locate a defibrillator transport terminals with a transit of more than 1.000 people, in shopping centers greater than 1.000 square meters, stadiums, sports centers, gyms, educational centers, events and conference rooms through which more than 500 people pass. Also on airplanes, trains or boats with a capacity equal to or greater than one hundred passengers.

These defibrillators will have to be located near a telephone to be able to contact the 061. In addition, it must be marked with a badge, and with relevant revisions and maintenance. It is the entity's responsibility to maintain the defibrillator in the right conditions.


Company specialized in the training, installation and maintenance of defibrillators in Melilla

Our company offers installation and maintenance services of external defibrillators, facilities approved according to Melilla regulations, comprehensive management service for external defibrillators with advice, installation, training, maintenance and repair of defibrillators to comply with the norm of the autonomous community.

In the province of Melilla we offer services for the sale and installation of external defibrillators in Melilla, we are a defibrillator maintenance and approved training company on the use of external defibrillators.

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Installation of external defibrillators, maintenance, spare parts, repairs, training and use of the defibrillator, registration in Autonomous Communities.

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