Defibrillator regulations Murcia

Regulations on external defibrillators in the Autonomous Community of Murcia

Regulations on the installation, use, and training of external defibrillators DEA / DESA in the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Standard that regulates and obliges the installation of external defibrillators in the Murcian community

Today we know that for many decades we have directed all efforts toward the hospital and outpatient treatment (ambulances) of cardiorespiratory arrest (CRP), with prevention being the most powerful weapon.

By installing external defibrillators in public and private transited spaces, and basic training for people in their management we are getting the general population to be able to act before a cardiorespiratory arrest, increasing the probability of survival of the victim and decreasing the possible sequelae cerebral.

The Murcian legislation indicates that the spaces required to have a defibrillator DEA / DESA are:

Organizations, institutions and companies, public or private, in a visible place and facing the public, with a sign indicating their existence and location.

Anyone in your home.

All must inform the General Directorate of Public Health.

Who can use a defibrillator in Murcia?

Persons accredited by the Ministry of Health who have passed the initial and continuing training course in BLS and defibrillation.

Training the non-health population to act in an emergency situation and be able to use portable defibrillators is a great step forward in terms of public health. More and more Autonomous Communities are adjusting their regulations and regulating more strictly the installation of defibrillators and training of people so that public and private spaces are cardioprotected. All legislations place special emphasis not only on the installation of the defibrillator but also on the obligation to maintain them in optimal conditions to ensure their correct functioning.

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