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Rent a defibrillator for days, weeks or months

Cardio rental protection for your event or season

Rental of external defibrillators

Rental of portable defibrillators for a short time. medium and long period of time or by season, cardioprotection of swimming pools. beaches, concerts, fairs, events, rallies, in a comfortable all-inclusive monthly fee. 


We rent external defibrillators for a period of time with everything included, be it days, weeks, months, year or by season with a maximum of 12 months renewable. Cardioprotect your event for the right time and necessary, without giving up medical safety, we offer a service to be able to rent a defibrillator with everything you need and with all the guarantees without having to buy one. We offer fully revised and ready-to-use portable defibrillation equipment rental services. 

Defibrillator rental with a maximum of 12 months renewable

The defibrillator rental is the ideal formula to protect public and private spaces for a short or long period of time, an excellent formula for spaces where mass events such as concerts, festivals, beaches, municipal swimming pools or summer camps are held, among others. Our defibrillator rental is a contract for a period of time that does not exceed 12 months, it is renewable, with a fixed monthly fee that includes all expenses associated with the use and maintenance of the external defibrillator.  

Our defibrillator rental service includes maintenance and training for their use, although they are almost always used by health workers, we offer our clients a free course on the use of the external defibrillator.

Depending on the areas such as beaches, they may need to install a display case, a column or totem pole, signage, the 112 emergency call device that is mandatory in some autonomous communities, our defibrillator rental service includes the civil liability insurance of 10 million euros, with all the necessary devices to comply with the regulations of its Autonomous Community, the lease includes spare parts for use, maintenance in case of any incident, the change of batteries and the patches / electrodes if necessary, it is sent urgently another defibrillator, while your season lasts you will always have a defibrillator in perfect condition for use. In the event that the defibrillator suffers a fault, another courtesy defibrillator is delivered while the faulty device is repaired.


What do our DEA defibrillator rentals include?


Our defibrillator rental service includes the AED Zoll AED Plus / 3 complete with adult / pediatric patches, includes batteries in perfect condition, updated software, and carrying bag. We manage for you the registrations and records of the DEA DESA in the Autonomous Community to which you belong, and we make available to all our landlords an online course on the use of the defibrillator, it also includes in the price the civil liability insurance of 10 million euros. 

Rental with a maximum duration of 12 months renewable, our service includes the portable defibrillator and everything necessary for its use, the defibrillators included are the Zoll AED Plus and the Zoll AED 3.


Cost-effectiveness of a rental defibrillator vs. buying 


If we consider that the defibrillator rental includes in the fee all the services necessary to cardioprotect a space for a short period of time and we compare it with the costs of buying a defibrillator with all the maintenance costs, insurance and battery expiration , patches and electrodes, we obtain a great saving in favor of the defibrillator rental compared to the direct purchase or renting, this saving is increased by the discounts obtained by the Salvavidas Project when negotiating large volumes of purchase and service with its suppliers, which are they translate into savings in the customer's fee.  

Characteristics of our defibrillators for rent


The portable defibrillators that we include in the rental mode are the defibrillator Zoll AED Plus and  Defibrillator Zoll AED 3, chosen for their technical characteristics, innovation and easy handling. Zoll is a US manufacturer with its own technologies and international recognition by the medical sector.

Large high-resolution full-color touch screen with information on each step.

Same patch for adult and pediatric with direct button to change from Adult to Pediatric.

Possibility that the DEA / DESA remains vertical to the ground to be able to see the steps much better.

Connected at all times by WIFI and reporting to our central state equipment, battery and electrodes.

Download data in case of online use in order to be able to send the events as quickly as possible.

Patch with total help to improved CPR, indicating by voice messages if the compressions are correct or need to press harder. Color measurement bar to check compressions on the screen.

Adaptation of the discharge to the impedance of the patient, discharge more Joules if the person has larger size and less if the person is smaller.

Intelligent pediatric function

Long battery 5 years.

First intervener kit with scissors included.

Straight Biphasic Wave

If you are looking for a defibrillator in particular access our catalog of external defibrillators, where you will find the best sellers in the market, write us requesting information or consulting your doubts about models and technical characteristics of defibrillators.


Rent an external defibrillator with spare parts included


Our rental of portable defibrillation equipment includes all expenses derived from the use and maintenance of the defibrillator, includes online and face-to-face training for staff and according to the regulations of the autonomous community to which it belongs.


All our equipment always in perfect conditions of use

Computerized expiration control, both batteries and patches

Control and recycling of patches and batteries. The availability of a defibrillator in perfect condition, well located and accessible by meeting maximum response times of 4 minutes makes the cardioprotection service much more effective.


The maintenance we perform on our external portable defibrillators:

  • Assistance and maintenance, replacement of necessary accessories. Tel .: 900 670 112 or 911 250 500.

  • Expiration control of consumables.

  • Free courtesy equipment in case of use or maintenance

  • Annual visit of our technicians.

  • Software update if necessary according to the European Resuscitation Council.

  • Change of batteries and patches unlimited by use or expiration.

  • Includes Civil Liability insurance of 10 million euros, specific for defibrillators.

  • Includes vandal insurance.

  • Installation included.



Economic, fiscal and management advantages with the rental of defibrillators


The defibrillator rental includes all expenses associated with its use and maintenance. It does not require an initial investment, the monthly fee is tax deductible and in its entirety. It has more liquidity, without fixed or unforeseen expenses related to the defibrillator. A comfortable fee without having to assume the depreciation of the defibrillation equipment. Personalized attention 24/7  


If what you are looking for is cardioprotect a public or private space, we offer you the comprehensive service for cardioprotected spaces with all devices and procedures, an all-inclusive service according to the regulations of your autonomous community. + information 



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